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Continuous Data Connection



Continuous data connection (previously referred to as Continuous Connect) is a part of the Device behavior override feature. This feature enables the telematics device to maintain a connection to the Fleet Management Application by modifying the device’s modem behavior during periods when an asset is off.

✱ NOTE: The following information showcases the new activation/management processes associated with Continuous data connection which are included in the 10.0 release of the Fleet Management Application.

How can Continuous data connection benefit me?

Continuous data connection modifies the telematics device’s data connection behavior while an asset is off. Instead of only being able to connect to the Fleet Management Application at certain intervals to send or receive data, Continuous data connection maintains a cellular connection between the telematics device and the Fleet Management Application at all times. This constant connection allows data to be received and actioned at any point. Continuous data connection can be used to send remote commands for Keyless, actuate a relay/IOX, stream data to the telematics device, and more!

✱ NOTE: Continuous data connection is only functional for telematics device firmware versions beginning with x37.21 and 38.15.

Low battery monitoring

Continuous data connection uses more current than the telematics device’s standard behavior. Using this override feature should allow approximately two weeks of idle time before any adverse battery issues occur, depending on an asset's standby current draw and battery size.

Use the Fleet Management Application rules to monitor battery health due to the impact generated by the Continuous data connection override. Use the Battery Drain rule to be notified when your asset’s battery voltage drops below nine volts. To access the Battery Drain rule, follow these steps:

  1. From the main menu of the application, navigate to the Rules & Groups dropdown menu.
  2. Click the Rules page.
  3. Under the Fleet Optimization section, enable the Battery Drain toggle.
  4. To customize the rule, click the Edit (pencil) icon.

✱ NOTE: The higher the threshold, the more false positives may occur due to the voltage fluctuation when the asset is turned on or off.

Enabling Continuous data connection

The Continuous data connection feature can be enabled through the ProPlus + Keyless Rate Plan or by using a promo code.

✱ NOTE: Continuous data connection is automatically enabled for all devices on the ProPlus + Keyless Rate Plan.

For all other device plans, this feature can be added to a device using a promo code. To obtain a promo code, reach out to your Partner Account Manager for more details. Once you have received the code, and it is applied, Continuous data connection automatically activates.

Accessing Continuous data connection in the Fleet Management Application

Once your device is properly assigned to the ProPlus + Keyless Rate Plan or a promo code, Continuous data connection can be turned on or off using the Device Behavior Override toggle in the Fleet Management Application. The use of this toggle requires the Administer Continuous Connect feature security identifier, enabled by default for the Administrator and Supervisor security clearances.

To access the Device Behavior Override toggle follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Vehicles & Assets page and select an asset.
  2. On the Asset Edit page, select the Settings tab and expand the Advanced section.
  3. Enable the Device behavior override toggle and check the Continuous data connection checkbox.
  4. Then click Save.

The device custom parameter being manipulated by the UI above is defined as:

<Parameter Description="Enable Continuous Connect Mode" Offset="183" Bytes="10"/>


  1. Value 1 - Continuous Data Connection is ON
  2. Value 0 - Continuous Data Connection is OFF

Status data feedback

Use the following status data to determine whether the Continuous data connection is active or inactive.

Status data, ID: 3420 (DiagnosticID: aUcx6anGZUEqcyg7N4BdbWQ), communicates Continuous data connection status (if ON/OFF depending on Rate Plan/Promo Code and Device Parameter):

  1. 3420 = ‘0’: Continuous data connection is OFF, device following standard behavior
  2. 3420 = ‘1’: Continuous data connection is ON