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Automated Customer Onboarding Starter Kit
Learn how to use the Customer Onboarding Starter Kit to onboard new customers by automating certain tasks.
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Custom Telematics Devices and MyGeotab
Learn how to integrate custom telematics devices onto the MyGeotab platform using Geotab's Gateway APIs.
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DIG API Endpoint Workflow Guide
The DIG API provides a primary endpoint to enable integrators to send bulk custom telematics device records to MyGeotab using the /records endpoint.
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Geotab Data Connector Brochure
Geotab leverages our expertise preparing data for reporting and visualization, and makes curated data tables available in the most popular Business Intelligence tools via an easy to use connection.
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Geotab Data Connector Partner Guide
The Geotab Data Connector tool was designed for Fleet Managers to import curated data from numerous Geotab data sources, sourced from their own fleet, into their preferred BI/visualization tool. The tool allows Fleet Managers to access aggregated data into a BI tool without having to manually leverage MyGeotab reports.
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Geotab Data-Only Plan API (.NET): Developer Guide
Learn more about the Geotab Data-Only Plan API, which provides a wrapper around the MyGeotab .NET API.
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Getting OBD-II or J1939 Fault Codes From FaultData Objects
Learn how to obtain OBD-II or J1939 fault codes from MyGeotab FaultData objects.
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MyAdmin User Guide
Learn more about using MyAdmin for orders, shipments, account and device administration, and RMAs.
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MyGeotab API Adapter - Solution and Implementation Guide
Learn more about the MyGeotab API Adapter, which allows streaming of data from MyGeotab into external systems.
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MyGeotab API Adapter Data Optimizer - Solution and Implementation Guide
The MyGeotab API Adapter uses data feeds to pull the most common data sets from a MyGeotab database and stream the data into tables within a supported relational database.
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MyGeotab Quick Reference Guide
Learn more about popular features and common processes in MyGeotab in easy step-by-step instructions.