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Geotab Integrated Solution for GM


This document answers common questions regarding the GM Integrated Solution for GM available in MyGeotab.

Which vehicles are eligible for this solution?

  1. Only U.S. and Canada GM vehicles linked to a valid Fleet account number (FAN) are eligible for this solution.
  2. Most 2015 and newer models are eligible once validated by GM.

How do I activate this solution?

Prerequisite — Validate VIN list

Please email the Fleet Account Number (FAN), Company name and VIN list for any GM vehicles (2015 or newer) to be enrolled to your Reseller. They will confirm which vehicles are supported with the embedded hardware and provide any additional instructions needed for activation (i.e., GM OnStar Blue Button Key Press).

After confirming which vehicles are supported, please follow the four steps below to activate this solution.

Step 1 — E-Sign GM Agreement

To activate the service, you must sign the data agreement with GM. Please follow the steps mentioned in the GM OnStar Fleet Terms E-Sign Process. In case any of the fleet vehicles do not have the OnStar service activated, you will also need to follow the Blue Button Key Press Process for every vehicle. When the process is complete, please share the email confirmation with your Reseller. If you have already completed the data agreement in advance with GM, you will not need to email your reseller with confirmation, but you should verify with the GM Fleet representative that you have completed the e-sign data agreement in advance.

Step 2 — Provision Serial Numbers for GM Devices

Please contact your Reseller for completing this step. After this is done, the Reseller will share device serial numbers with you.

Step 3 — Add devices in MyGeotab (S.No. & VIN)

! IMPORTANT: Make sure to provide the VIN when adding the device to MyGeotab.

Add a Single Device


​Log in to your MyGeotab portal.


From the main menu, select Vehicles. On the Vehicles page, click Add > Add device.


Enter the serial number that you received from Geotab. Enter a name for your device in the Description box, such as [Make][Model][Year] or the driver’s name and click OK. Enter the VIN of the vehicle in the “Vehicle ID number:” field and click save.


After adding the device in MyGeotab, turn the vehicle ignition ON to complete the process.

Add Multiple Devices


Log in to your MyGeotab portal.


From the main menu, select Vehicles. On the Vehicles page, select Add > Quick import.


Enter the device serial numbers, vehicle descriptions, and VIN as comma separated values in the text field provided. Format the information as <Serial number>,<Vehicle description>,<VIN>.

Note: You must provide the VIN to add GM Integrated Telematics devices in MyGeotab.

Step 4 — Provide Fleet Account Number (FAN)

Customers must authorize Geotab to be able to receive vehicle data from GM. Follow below steps to provide the authorization:

Option #1: Using OEM Configuration Add-In

The Fleet Account Number and list of VINs can be provided directly on MyGeotab platform by following below steps:


​Log in to your MyGeotab portal.


Go to Geotab marketplace, search OEM and add OEM Configuration Add-In to your database:


Select “GM” from the OEM drop down menu.


Enter your Fleet Account number (FAN)


Enter the VINs from that Fleet Account (comma separated values, upto 1000 VINs at a time).


Click Add Configuration

NOTE: If you have multiple accounts, please repeat the process for each FAN. VINs provided must be associated with the account entered in the FAN field.

Option #2: Using Support Ticket

You can provide the Fleet account Number(s) and corresponding list of VINs via your reseller who can open a support ticket and Geotab team will process the authorization on your behalf.

! IMPORTANT: After completing the above steps, turn the vehicle ignition ON to complete the process.

NOTE: It may take upto 24 hours for the vehicle data to become available on MyGeotab after the activation steps are completed.

Using the Solution


After you have completed steps for activation, navigate to Map and click the Trips history button.


Under Trips History, click a trip to view it on the Map. The image below shows an example of a Trip History in MyGeotab. The same User Interface (UI) is used with the GM Integrated Telematics Solution.


To view telematics data and exceptions, you can view inbuilt reports, rules and exceptions from MyGeotab. For more details refer MyGeotab product guide.


For more information on data and features provided under this solution, please check the Rate Plan Features and Data Set documents.

Network Coverage

Which cellular networks are available for this solution?

USA: This solution is available on the AT&T network in the USA.

Canada: This solution is available on Bell network in Canada.

Will the solution work while roaming outside the base region and are there any restrictions?

Canada / USA

The cellular connection for the GM modem is expected to work in the USA and Canada.


Currently, there is no roaming agreement for Mexico, and the solution will not work in this region.

Puerto Rico

Currently, there is no roaming agreement for Puerto Rico, and the solution will not work in this region.

Resources and Contact Information

For more information, please refer to the MyGeotab User Guide. For questions, please contact your Reseller.