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Geotab Integrated Solution for Caterpillar

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This document answers common questions regarding the Geotab Integrated Solution for Caterpillar. Our intention is to support you, the Geotab Partner, by providing all the essential information related to this solution.

Which vehicles are eligible for this solution?

  1. Region: Global
  2. Make: Caterpillar
  3. Models: Any Caterpillar machines with active ISO 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) API subscription. To verify please reach out to your Equipment dealer.

How do I order this solution?

Step 1 — Get credentials from Caterpillar

To sign up with Caterpillar, the customer needs to reach out to their equipment dealer to receive ISO 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) API credentials. Please make sure that the customer has contacted the dealer to confirm that the user credentials (Client ID and Secret) are valid for ISO 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) API access and not VisionLink API access for the Caterpillar solution. After this step has been completed, you can proceed to Step 2 to order the solution from your MyAdmin account.

! IMPORTANT: Client ID and Secret are sent by Caterpillar to the Customer in a .txt file. Customers can request them to be “resent” (not “regenerated”) via Cat Digital Support (

Step #1 and #4 only need to be performed once per unique set of credentials. The client ID typically starts with the text ‘iso15143_cust’.

Step 2 — Register third-party devices on MyAdmin

You will need Geotab third-party device serial numbers to use this solution with MyGeotab. You can order third-party serial numbers from your MyAdmin account using the following steps:


Log in to MyAdmin.


From the main menu, navigate to Devices > Device Management.


Select Register third-party device.

The Register Third-Party Device popup is displayed.


Enter the number of third-party devices that will be assigned.


Enter the Product Code as 10062.


From the Subscription Plan dropdown menu, select Caterpillar AEMP. For more information on subscription plans, please check the Data Set document.


Click Register to download a .csv file with allocated serial numbers.


The MyAdmin order process is complete. After you receive third-party serial numbers, complete additional steps in MyGeotab to start using the solution.

Step 3 — Add devices in MyGeotab (Geotab S.No. & Caterpillar S.No.)

! IMPORTANT: Make sure to provide the Caterpillar Serial Number in Vehicle ID Number when adding the device to MyGeotab. Caterpillar Serial Number is an 8 character alphanumeric code, typically starting with 3 letters and ending with 5 numbers.

Add a Single Device

To add a single device to your MyGeotab database, do the following:


Log in to MyGeotab.


From the main menu, select Assets.


From the Assets page, select + Add a new asset.


On the Add a New Asset page, enter the Asset name (such as [Make][Model][Year] or the driver’s name), the serial number that you received from Geotab in the Serial number field, then select Vehicle as the Asset type group using the dropdown menu:


Select Save new asset.


On the Asset page, enter the Caterpillar Serial Number (8 character CSN) of the vehicle in the Vehicle ID number:, then select Save.


Once you have done all the above steps, turn on the vehicle ignition to complete the process.

Add Multiple Devices

To add multiple devices to your MyGeotab database, do the following:


Log in to MyGeotab.


From the main menu, select Assets.


On the Assets page, select + Add a new asset > Add multiple assets.


On the Add Multiple Assets page, upload a spreadsheet with the list of asset information, and select the Asset type group.

NOTE: You must provide the Caterpillar Serial Number (8 character CSN) as VIN.


Select Save all assets.


Once you have done all the above steps, turn on the ignition of all entered vehicles to complete the process.

! IMPORTANT: Ensure to add the device to one (1) database only, and that you provide only those CSNs which you are authorized to view.

NOTE: It may take up to 24 hours for the vehicle data to become available on MyGeotab after the devices are added to the database.

Step 4 — Provide Caterpillar credentials

Customers must authorize Geotab to be able to receive vehicle data from Caterpillar. Customers should follow the steps below to provide the authorization.

Using OEM Configuration Add-In

The Caterpillar AEMP login information is required to be updated on MyGeotab platform by following the steps below.


​Log in to your MyGeotab portal.


Go to Geotab Marketplace, search OEM, and add OEM Configuration Add-In to your database.


Open the OEM Configuration Add-In on MyGeotab.


Select “Caterpillar” from the OEM dropdown menu.


Enter your “Client ID” / “Secret” provided by Caterpillar in step 1.


Click Add Configuration.

Using the Solution


After you have added the device in MyGeotab, navigate to Map and click the Trips History button.


Under Trips History, click a trip to view it on the map.


To view telematics data and exceptions, you can view built-in reports, rules and exceptions from MyGeotab. For more details refer to the Product Guide.


For more information on subscription plans, please check the Data Set document.


Will I be billed by Geotab or Caterpillar?

While the solution uses the Caterpillar embedded telematics device, all billing will be done by Geotab.

How do I choose a rate plan for the device?

MyAdmin provides subscription plan options in a dropdown menu during the order process. For more information on subscription plans, please check the Data Set document. Pricing is available in MyAdmin under Billing > Rate Plans.

When does billing begin?

Billing begins the moment the device is added to MyGeotab and starts receiving data from Caterpillar. The solution will be billed at the end of every month (prorated).

Managing Caterpillar Devices

How do I identify Caterpillar devices in MyAdmin?

You can see your Caterpillar devices in MyAdmin under Devices > Device Admin > Look up Devices.

All Caterpillar device serial numbers start with “DS”.

Can I use the ‘Replace with new device’ function in MyGeotab?

GO devices can be replaced by OEM devices by using the Replace with new device option in MyGeotab. The Replace with new device option can only be used when moving from a GO device to an OEM device, it cannot be used to replace an OEM or third-party device with a new OEM device.

! IMPORTANT: To update an OEM or third party serial number, the older OEM device must be terminated in MyAdmin, and unplugged in MyGeotab using the Unplug device > Keep Active option. Once unplugged, the new OEM serial number can be added on the asset page using Add device > Save new asset option.

How do I terminate a Caterpillar device?

Caterpillar devices can be terminated from MyAdmin by following the standard device termination process. Identify your devices under Devices > Device Management. Use the filter options, as required, to narrow the search results. The table displays search results in real-time. Select a device serial number to edit the device information. Under the Details tab, select Terminate. The devices will be terminated on MyAdmin. After this step is complete, we recommend that you remove or archive the devices from MyGeotab as well.

What happens if I terminate a Caterpillar device in MyAdmin?

Billing stops as soon as a device is terminated. To ensure complete termination, remove the device from the MyGeotab database or make it historic.

Can I reactivate terminated devices?

Terminated OEM serial numbers cannot be used again. If you wish to reactivate a vehicle, please repeat the procedure in Step 2 and Step 3 to register and add a new device.

Can I change the Vehicle ID Number after it has been provided in step 3?

No, the Vehicle ID Number associated with an OEM serial number cannot be changed. If you want to make such changes, terminate the old device and repeat the procedure in Step 2 and Step 3 to register and add a new device.

Does standard Geotab Warranty or RMA Policy apply to Caterpillar devices?

Geotab Warranty and RMA Policy do not apply to Caterpillar devices. As the hardware belongs to Caterpillar, their policy for hardware warranty and repairs will be applicable.

Getting Help

I cannot see device data on MyGeotab, what are some initial troubleshooting steps I can perform?

Here are some preliminary troubleshooting steps you can perform as a Geotab Partner:

  1. Look at the Serial number prefix - is it what was intended (DS)? If not, terminate and start the process again.
  2. Check MyGeotab - does Vehicle ID Number exist on the device page? If not, please add it
  3. Confirm with the customer that vehicle has been moving
  4. Please make sure that you are using the correct credentials (as explained in Order Step #1)

Who do I contact for support?

As a Geotab Partner, if you have used all applicable troubleshooting resources, please contact Geotab for support. Please note Geotab is unable to support Accident Reconstruction requests for OEM devices.

How do I contact support?

If you have an issue that requires technical support, contact Geotab Support. Make sure to specify the category as “Third Party Hardware” and provide both serial number and Vehicle ID Number as part of the issue description. If Geotab Support determines that the issue is not related to a Geotab service, we will refer to support material provided by the hardware partner. If required, we will escalate the issue and work with you on a resolution.

It has been determined that my device does not work. What should I do?

The factory embedded hardware is covered under the OEM vehicle warranty. If your device does not work, go to an authorized Caterpillar repair center for evaluation.

Resources and Contact Information

For more information, please refer to the MyAdmin User Guide. For questions, please contact your Partner Account Manager.