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MyPreview Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to expect

With early access to new features and improvements, you can explore and test different integrations in the MyPreview server — our pre-production server. Early testing in this pre-production server helps streamline the user experience for Fleet Managers and drivers, and reduces the risk of unexpected impact to your integrations.

To register a new database, follow the Geotab MyPreview Instructions, and check out the latest and greatest features in MyGeotab.

Your feedback is important to us. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve your MyPreview experience, please email us at


How will Customers and Partners be notified of new features coming to MyGeotab? How can they prepare?

Major feature changes will be communicated via our What’s New Blog, and the features will be available on the MyPreview server four weeks prior to the release on the Production server. Major features include, but are not limited to: updated login requirements, new navigation menu, maintenance center updates, collision detections, routes and optimization, interactive reports, and more.

Minor and Moderate feature changes will be updated on a weekly basis and will be listed in the release notes that will be updated weekly and accessible on MyG. Minor and Moderate features include, but are not limited to: Performance changes, minor UX changes, minor feature changes - adding a toggle, a new filter, more search capabilities, new SDK additions (for example, GetFeed for Fuel and FillUps)new reports or menu or button or New Page performance

Geotab Headquarters manages feature availability in MyPreview and Production database. In the May session, we will share more information on the communication strategy.

Can I include Add-Ins?

You have the option to copy Add-Ins from your Production databases to the MyPreview databases (Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Demo), or test new Add-Ins that are currently in development.

What type of data is included in the Demo Preview database?

Partners can use the Demo Preview database to explore business opportunities with prospective Customers. Integrators can use MyDemo to test new solutions and integrate their services. It provides a full suite of GO device-simulated data, including status data (Engine & Measurements), GPS, and exceptions.

To get started, visit the MyPreview Registration page, choose a dataset, and set an expiry period. You have the option to set an expiry date of up to 60 days for this test database.

When the expiry period is reached, the database is deleted automatically. If a new one is required, return to the Registration page and start again! Hours of Service (HOS) user interaction data is not included as simulated data; however, users have the option to create their own HOS data by logging into the Drive App via the MyPreview database.

What type of data can I pull from the Production database to the Preview database?

Users are able to import zones, groups, and system settings from their existing Production database using the Registration Configuration Add-In; however, users or devices cannot be added. Refer to the How to use JSON files document to install the add-in and create a preview database (Demo or Bring Your Own Device) with your Production environment copied.

Can I get live data from my vehicles in the Preview database?

Yes. You can leverage the Extendable Services feature when creating a Bring Your Own Device Database to receive live data from your production database.

NOTE: Additional fees apply.

How many integrations can I test at one time?

There is currently no limit to testing several integrations at a single time.

What steps do I take to test my integration from the Production server to the Preview server? What endpoint do I need to hit?

The Preview database is a separate environment, independent of the Production server. Therefore, you will require a service account created in the Preview database to test your integration. Ideally, you should add a few devices to the Preview databases to test your integration against live data generated by vehicles.

You can also use the Extendable Services feature to share data from the Production database to the Bring Your Own Device Preview database. As a temporary measure, you can register a demo database via

Demo databases have an expiry limit of a maximum of 60 days.

The endpoint used by preview databases will be

Can I test the changes made in MyPreview with the same scale as the Production server?

MyPreview is configured to test changes and integrations; however, it is not configured for large-scale and performance testing. Geotab performs scalability testing on every build deployed to the Production server to ensure critical system functions perform at sustainable levels.

If we have third-party integrators or Marketplace Partner solutions,do they also test on my MyPreview database?

Yes. Partners are encouraged to test integrations on MyPreview per the Marketplace Technical Toolkit.

Is there any deprecation criteria for MyPreview databases?

All new databases will have the purge setting “ON” by default to remove data older than 2 years. The purge settings can be updated on the System Settings page in MyGeotab, where you can customize the purge schedules as needed.