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At Geotab, we work hard to build safe and reliable tools that make sense for your business, and your feedback is an essential part of that process. Geotab’s MyPreview federation is available for our Customers and Partners to access pre-production releases of MyGeotab and Geotab Drive.

We would like to invite you to gain early access to what’s new in development and the MyGeotab user experience. To get early visibility to our latest features, create a Preview server and explore what is coming soon.

What to expect

Early access to new features allows you to explore and test your direct integrations against our pre-production federation. This allows you to close the gap and reduce the risk of your integrations by detecting any missed corner cases before they impact you as the Customer.

Early testing helps drive and streamline the user experience for Fleet Managers and Drivers across the ecosystem.

The MyPreview databases are on the current release version of the MyGeotab application, and include features that are not yet enabled on the Production database.

You can register a new database by following the steps described in the next section to see all the latest and greatest features for the upcoming releases in MyGeotab. Use the MyPreview database to complete any integration testing to ensure a smooth rollout!

Setting up a preview testing database

  1. Navigate to and then click Register:
  2. If you are a Customer, select either I’m a New Customer or Create a Demo Database:
    1. If you choose I’m a New Customer, you can create a test database that can have devices added to it, either as all new devices or through Extendable Services (for a fee). If you select this option, you will need to enter all Customer information regarding the Organization, Primary Contact, and Database setup.
    2. If you choose Create a Demo Database, you can add 10 to 50 vehicles with simulated data.
  3. If you are a Partner, select either I’m a Partner or Create a Demo Database:
    1. If you choose I’m a Partner (Log in as a Partner), you will need to enter your MyAdmin login credentials.
    2. If you choose Create a Demo Database, you can add 10 to 50 vehicles with simulated data.
  4. Select the type of database you want to create. If you select Create Database for Customer, you will need to enter the account name or ERP. Select Create Internal Database to create a test environment for Partner access and use only.
  5. On the following pages, enter all required information about the Customer or Partner database’s Organization Information, Primary Contact, and Database Setup. Required fields are denoted by an asterisk.

  6. Refer to the following comparison table to better understand your options between bring your own device (BYOD) databases, and demo databases:

  7. BYOD


    Able to test new integrations

    Access to upcoming features

    Database automatically expires

    Duplication of live data (extendable services for a fee)

    Vehicle limit per database


    50 vehicles

    Simulated vehicle data

  8. Once you have entered all required information, click Finish. Once the database is successfully created, an email is sent to the registered account:
  9. ✱ NOTE: Depending on your database type, the specified Primary Contact will also receive this email.

  10. Click Login to get started in the email. You will be redirected to the new database’s login page. Enter your login credentials and the Database (denoted in the email) and then click Log in.

You can now use this Preview environment to test a specific feature, integrations, or upcoming changes in MyGeotab!

✱ NOTE: For BYOD (bring your own device) databases, you can add new devices and start testing. If you are using Extendable Services, contact your Partner to get set up and refer to the following section to select units based on selecting your Asset Group.

Selecting asset groups for Extendable Services

When using Extendable Services, you may add as many assets as you like to populate your Preview database, keeping in mind that a nominal monthly fee will apply to each asset for as long as they are active in your Preview database. We recommend choosing assets that are producing data representative of your user experience and that may generate data that is being shared by the API with third parties or solutions. If you have an expert in-house trainer on the Geotab platform, we suggest you pick a group or region where your in-house expert can develop communications for your MyGeotab users.

Facts about the preview version of MyGeotab

  1. Your Preview database is on a future release version.
  2. Your Preview database is intended for testing purposes only and may experience periods of instability and unavailability. Your feedback, along with the feedback of others is actively being worked on our pre-production releases.
  3. Since this is not a production environment, if you are testing your integration and find an issue, as per the current process, please validate what might need to be updated with your particular integration.
    1. If you are a Partner, tickets can be submitted using MyAdmin.
    2. If you are a Customer, please create a support ticket by following your standard procedures.
  4. Your ticket will be reviewed by the Geotab Solutions Engineering team who may connect with your Development teams or your third party certified Integration Partners to help build automated testing routines.
    1. When creating a case, please provide the relevant details (the API call being made if applicable, the database name and MyGeotab version, as well as the error message and description of the problem) so we can better support you.
  5. Geotab strives to ensure the Preview database is available 24/7. However, due to the nature of beta environments, we make no representations with respect to its stability. Bugs and issues encountered on this preview federation do not qualify for On-Call Support and will be addressed during core business hours.

MyPreview FAQs

Got any questions? Please see our MyPreview FAQ.