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The HRN-CW03K3 kit includes the HRN-CW03S3 harness and a fuse kit. The HRN-CW03K3 kit is used with a GO device and installed in vehicles or assets where a diagnostic port is not available — due to the age or type of vehicle (i.e. golf carts, generators, older vehicles, etc.); or to track the vehicle without connecting to the vehicle bus (i.e. asset tracking).

The HRN-CW03K3 kit connects to any vehicle to provide GPS tracking (for GO6 or newer devices), accelerometer data (on Pro and ProPlus plans), and ignition voltage (for GO7 or newer devices).

The HRN-CW03S3 harness has three wires that connect to power, ground, and ignition. With a wide variety of applications, the fuse kit may help minimize complexity, reduce installation time, and improve safety.

NOTE: The GO6 device does not have an ignition pin and, as a result, behaves in the same manner with a 3-wire installation as with a 2-wire installation. Specific installation instructions are provided below.

HRN-CW03K3 Specifications and Installation

! IMPORTANT: Professional installation (Certified Geotab® Installer or equivalent) is required for the safe and proper installation of this product (harness and/or IOX). The installer must have sufficient technical knowledge and expertise for the respective installation.

! IMPORTANT: The harness kit is designed for use only with the GO device or Geotab-authorized accessory devices.

WARNING! Always read and follow all safety information, including Important Safety Information and Limitations of Use, before harness and/or IOX installation. Disconnect the GO device from the vehicle before installation and connect it post-installation (see Failure to follow these instructions and warnings can result in loss of vehicle control and serious injury or vehicle damage.

Installing the HRN-CW03K3 with a GO7 or newer

There are three connection wires when using the HRN-CW03S3 Harness:

  1. BLACK — The GROUND wire which must be connected to a known good chassis ground.
  2. YELLOW — The ignition sense wire which must be connected to a true ignition source (live with the key is in both the ON and RUN positions, dead when the key is off). The fuse size is 5 A.
  3. RED — The constant power (12V or 24V) wire which must be connected to a true battery source (live at all times). The fuse size is 5 A.

NOTE: The red and yellow wires must connect to a fused source, or the user must install the fuses.

To install the HRN-CW03K3 kit with a GO6 device, tape off the ignition wire and do not connect. If you do not plan to re-install the HRN-CW03K3 kit with a GO7 or newer device, de-pin or cut off the yellow ignition wire.

Ignition Detection using the HRN-CW03K3

If an asset is installed with a GO7 or newer device and all three wires of the HRN-CW03K3 harness are properly connected, the device detects the ignition wire and uses it for ignition sensing.

If an asset is installed with a GO6 and an HRN-CW03K3, the GO6 defaults to ignition detection using accelerometer movement and GPS position changes. The GO6 marks the ignition state as being ON, if it detects the vehicle's motion. This is not as accurate as determining ignition from connecting to the ignition source and cannot be used for idling or similar purposes.

Alternatively, the GO6 device also uses a 2-wire method — requires a set parameter. The GO6 device attempts to determine ignition based on voltage patterns as well as the GPS and accelerometer readings, and should only be used with GO6 devices where the aforementioned method does not provide the required accuracy. If the 2-wire method is required, please contact Support.

Important Safety Information and Limitations of Use

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WARNING! Do not attempt to install, reconfigure or remove any product from any vehicle while the vehicle is in motion or otherwise in operation. All installation, configuration or removal must be done only in stationary vehicles which are securely parked. Attempting to service units while being operated could result in malfunctions or accidents, leading to death or serious personal injury.

WARNING! If at any point after a Geotab in-vehicle device is installed, a warning light illuminates on the vehicle dash or the vehicle stalls or has a marked drop in performance, shut off the engine, remove the device, and contact Geotab support.

WARNING! Do not attempt to remove Geotab in-vehicle devices from the vehicle in which they are originally installed for installation in another vehicle. Not all vehicles are compatible with Geotab in-vehicle devices, and doing so may result in unexpected interactions with your vehicle, including sudden loss of power or shutdown of the vehicle’s engine while in operation or cause your vehicle to operate poorly or erratically.

WARNING! All in-vehicle devices and related cabling must be securely fastened and kept clear of all vehicle controls, including gas, brake and clutch pedals. You must inspect devices and cabling on a regular basis to ensure all devices and cabling continue to be securely attached. Loose cabling or devices may impede the use of vehicle controls, resulting in unanticipated acceleration, braking or other loss of vehicle control, which could lead to death or serious personal injury. Improperly fastened in-vehicle devices may detach and impact operators upon sudden acceleration or deceleration, which may cause injury.

WARNING! Geotab requires the use of a cable tie when securing the GO device or any extension harness to the OBD connector, securing both sides of the harness. If you do not use a cable tie, vibration in the vehicle can lead to a loose connection which could indirectly cause the vehicle’s engine computer to fail. This could result in the vehicle stalling and can even cause personal injury under certain circumstances if it occurs while the vehicle is being driven.

WARNING! Geotab in-vehicle devices must be kept clear of debris, water and other environmental contaminants. Failure to do so may result in units malfunctioning or short-circuiting, causing a fire hazard.

NOTICE: Geotab products do not contain any user-serviceable parts. Configuration, servicing, and repairs must only be made by an authorized Geotab reseller or installer. Unauthorized servicing of Geotab products will void your product warranty. Improper installation may also lead to short circuits and the risk of fire, leading to personal injury or significant damage to your vehicle. Installation or servicing may also require modifications to your vehicle. Failure to comply with specified procedures or without adequate knowledge of the vehicle may result in damage to your vehicle, which may cause malfunctions of vehicle controls or vehicular environmental systems and result in personal injury.