Legal & Regulatory

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Limitations of Use

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The following paragraph applies only to devices with GPS functionality

Location mapping and vehicle tracking features available through the software are dependent on third-party providers, and the availability and accuracy of the Global Positioning System (“GPS”) operated by the United States government. Third-party mapping, and GPS data and services are subject to changes and/or interference which may affect the accuracy or performance of location information, or graphics presented through the use of the software, and your use of the products and software for navigation, route planning and similar purposes should take these limitations into account.

The following paragraph applies to all devices

Device communication features may be interrupted or inoperable if a vehicle travels outside of a network coverage area or where there is a fault or service interruption with the carrier. Device communication also requires transmission of data through the internet. Failure in internet access will result in the interruption of communications. As a result, the product and related software and services are not designed or intended as the primary means used in emergency or fail-safe situations including, without limitation, situations: (A) where failure of same may result in a risk of property damage, death or personal injury; (B) where the product, software or services are used to alert others upon the occurrence of certain vehicular events recorded by the device; or (C) where the product is used as part of a fail-safe design for dangerous or emergency applications or as part of control measures required for hazardous materials, life support systems, munitions or weapons.