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Driver’s Guide to Hours of Service

The Drive App meets the requirements FMCSA 49 CFR §395.22 (h) and FMCSA 49 CFR § 395.22(i), under the conditions it will be used, as set forth in the Driver's Guide to the Drive App.

Log In

  1. Enter your username and password. To view the typed password, tap the eye symbol in the Password field.
  2. Select your vehicle, or use the field provided to search by vehicle name, device, serial number, VIN, or license plate.
  3. If no vehicle is available, press No Vehicle.
  4. Select up to four trailers, or use the field provided to search by trailer name, then select shipments (up to 25). To learn more, see Add Assets.

Verify Logs

  1. If you have unverified logs, press Verify to verify by day.
  2. To verify all days, scroll down and press Verify all days.
  3. If your logs remain unverified or are missing required information, select the prompt Tap here to review.
  4. At the prompt, press Agree to certify that your RODS for each 24-hour period listed are true and correct.

Claim Unassigned Logs

  1. If the vehicle has been driven while logged out, unassigned logs are created, and you are prompted to claim logs belonging to you. To claim unassigned logs, press Assign to me.
  2. If none of the unassigned logs belong to you, press Skip.

! IMPORTANT: Claiming unassigned logs belonging to other drivers will cause your logs to be inaccurate.

Set Your Availability

  1. Review the Availability screen for violations, potential violations, upcoming violations, and driving limits.
  2. To apply Exempt HOS Allowed, tap the Exempt HOS button, if enabled by an Administrator.

  1. Tap to review any violations that display, and take the required action.

NOTE: The Yard Move exemption applies to U.S. jurisdictions only.

Inspect the Vehicle

  1. You are prompted to perform an Asset Inspection for the vehicle and attached trailers. To learn more, see the Driver's Guide to Asset Inspection.
  2. If an Asset Inspection is not required, press Skip remainder, otherwise press Yes to sign the inspection.

Add a Co-Driver

  1. To add a co-driver, press the user icon at the top of the screen, then press Add driver. The co-driver is prompted to log in.
  2. When the co-driver logs in, the wheel icon indicates which driver is responsible for operating the vehicle.

Diagnostic and Malfunctions Events

  1. If the app detects a diagnostic event, a brown notification displays across the top of the Dashboard indicating a diagnostic is present. A red notification indicates a malfunction is present. Press the yellow or red bar to display details about the events (see also Logs Tab to view malfunction notifications).
  2. You can also press the information icon at the top right of the screen to check messages. If there are alerts, the panel displays a warning icon. Press the warning to view errors.

  1. To see all diagnostics and malfunctions, review the Data Diagnostics & Malfunctions Guide.

Add Assets

  1. To modify or add new vehicles, trailers, or shipments, select the current vehicle from the Dashboard.
  2. To switch vehicles, press Change and complete the Asset Inspection for the new vehicle.
  3. To add a new shipment, press New. (Limit of 25)
  4. Press X to detach the trailer or shipment when it reaches its destination.
  5. Press Save and continue.

Hours of Service

Status Tab

  1. From the Dashboard, press HOS.
  2. Press OFF, SB, D, or ON to set your duty status.
  3. NOTE: If you change your status to OFF duty, you are asked if you want to Stay logged in or Verify and log out. If you select Log out, the App will guide you through your end-of-day tasks, but will not close when you are finished. See Log out for more information.

  4. The timer at the top shows the remaining driving time. If the bar is red, the driver is in violation of the ruleset.
  5. The values on the left show the remaining time in the current cycle.
  6. To change the ruleset, press the Edit icon next to the current ruleset, and select a new one from the list. To see all previous rulesets used, press Show all.

  7. Press View Cycle Recap to view:
    1. Available cycle time tomorrow
    2. Cycle hour for current day
    3. Hours used within the cycle
    4. Total number of hours
  8. Press View Exemptions to:
    1. Apply or start exemptions
    2. Start/stop Yard Move
    3. Start/stop Personal Conveyance
  9. When the vehicle reaches a speed of 5 mph (8 kph for Canadian drivers, the duty status automatically switches to Drive (D), and the screen locks. If this does not occur, press the information icon in the top right corner to check for connection errors.
  10. If the vehicle remains motionless for five minutes, you are prompted to change your duty status. If you do not respond within one minute, the status automatically switches from Drive (D) to ON Duty. If the status does not automatically switch, press the information icon in the top right to check for connection errors.

Logs Tab

  1. The Logs tab shows all HOS logs for the past 14 or 16 days, depending on the ruleset. Logs include date and time, location, distance driven per day, and duration spent in each status. Violations are also displayed.
  2. At the top of the screen, the Graph plots your duty status over a 24-hour period for a given day. The bars on the graph are color-coded in the following way:
    1. Unverified Logs (Gray)
    2. Verified Logs (Green)
    3. Edited Logs (Yellow)
    4. Drive Time Violation (Red)
    5. Personal Conveyance/Yard Moves (Striped)
    6. Qualifying Break (Blue) for Canadian rulesets
  3. Use the arrows or the date picker to navigate between days. The total time spent in a single duty status is displayed to the right of the graph.
  4. Verify logs by day (recommended), or Verify all days. On the prompt that follows, Agree that the logs are accurate and true.
  5. Press a log from the graph, or from the list of logs below. You can add remarks, edit certain elements, or Ignore the log to exclude it from your availability.
  6. Press + Add log to manually add a log, or the pencil icon to edit a log. Press Malfunctions to view event details.
  7. NOTE: You can add manual logs for the past 14 days. For Canadian rulesets, you can add for the past 28 days.

  8. If applicable, press Where was this? and enter the location where the log occurred, then press OK.
  9. If a log requires attention (e.g. verification, requested edits, missing location, etc.), a notification banner displays at the top of the screen. You can tap the banner

! IMPORTANT: Logs must be verified within 14 days of their creation.

Log Out

  1. From the Status tab, set your duty status to OFF.
  2. Select the user icon at the top of the screen to Log out.
  3. Complete your end-of-day tasks as described below.

TIP: To streamline your login process in the future, choose Stay Logged In after you log out and perform your end-of-day tasks. See Clock In/Clock Out.

Inspect the Vehicle

  1. If you have driven your vehicle since completing your last inspection, you are prompted to perform an Asset Inspection on the vehicle, and any attached trailers before logging out.
  2. Complete and sign a Post-trip Asset Inspection. If you do not have clearance to perform an Asset Inspection, press Skip.

Detach Trailers and Shipments

  1. If necessary, detach shipments and press Continue.
  2. If necessary, detach trailers and press Continue.

Verify Logs

  1. If you have unverified logs, press Verify to verify by day. To verify all days, scroll down and press Verify all days.
  2. Tap to review any violations that display, and take the required action.
  3. NOTE: Drivers must also verify placeholder logs that are continued from the previous day.

  4. Press Agree to certify that your HOS logs for each 24-hour period listed are true and correct.

Set Your Status

  1. If you did not set your duty status to OFF, you are prompted to set your new status.
  2. Select OFF and press Log out.

  1. The Drive App completes the logout process.

Clock In/Clock Out

The Clock in/Clock out feature allows drivers to complete their login/logout tasks without leaving the Drive App. If you have completed your end-of-day logout tasks, but want to remain assigned your vehicle, you can Stay Logged in to the App, but clocked out of your workday.

  1. Set your status to Off Duty.
  2. To stay in the Drive App, press Stay Logged In.
  1. To remain assigned to your vehicle, with access duty status logs, Asset Inspections and messages, press Yes when prompted.
  2. To resume driving, press Tap here to clock in! at the top of the screen to log back in.

NOTE:: The Clock In/Clock Out feature is available by request only. Please contact your Administrator.