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Driver’s Guide to Asset Inspection

Drivers must complete Asset Inspections of their vehicles and/or trailers. If defects are identified and repairs are required, appropriate personnel must review the inspection, take corrective action on any defects found, and update the inspection report as required.

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! IMPORTANT: Drivers must perform an asset inspection to take corrective action on any identified issues and update the inspection report with notes about repairs made or deemed unnecessary. If the asset requires repairs, the appropriate staff member must review the inspection. You must have the required security clearance to perform or certify an inspection or to repair defects. To learn more, contact your administrator.

New Inspection With or Without Defects

Step 1: On the Dashboard (Home Screen), press Asset Inspection. Alternatively, if you are driving the vehicle since its last inspection, you will be prompted to perform an inspection when you log in or log out.

Asset Inspections are started from the home screen

Step 2: If any previous inspections for the selected assets require certification, press Certify and inspect beside the associated vehicle or trailer(s).

If there are no previous inspections that require certification, an Inspect button appears instead. In this case, press Inspect and then skip to Step 4.

Step 3: Certify previous inspection (USA)

Before performing a new inspection, you must certify the previous inspection if any defects were either reported or repaired. Review the repairs and then press Certify previous inspection. You also have the option of pressing Select a new asset if the previously reported defects were not all repaired.

Step 4: New Inspection

First, select the inspection type and checklist type.

If you find no defects when you inspect your vehicle, press the No defects checkbox next to each required item (if present), and then press No Major or Minor defects found at the bottom of the screen.

If you find defects when you inspect your vehicle, select all defects that apply. Expand a defect category to select specific defects and add remarks. Optionally, press the camera icon to upload or take a new picture of the defect. When you have recorded all defects, record any additional remarks and press Done at the bottom of the screen.

Finally, press Yes to verify that the vehicle was inspected in compliance with regulations.

* NOTE: Once an inspection has begun, your duty status will automatically switch to On Duty.

Repairing defects

! IMPORTANT: The steps below require the Mark Asset Inspection logs as repaired clearance. If you do not have this clearance, contact your Administrator.

Step 1: On the Dashboard (Home screen), a red bar below the inspection icon indicates that an asset needs repairs. Press Asset Inspection to continue.

Step 2: On the Asset Inspection screen, press Repair beside the vehicle or trailer(s) with a flagged defect.

Step 3: Resolving defects

Select the appropriate resolution and add a remark with a detailed explanation. Once all defects have been resolved, press Save.

! IMPORTANT: If the defect is considered critical, an alert with red defect text is displayed at the top of the screen.