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The purpose of this document is to provide Geotab Authorized Resellers with best practices for reporting issues to On-Call services.

About Geotab On-Call Services

To respond to any system failures or performance degradations of Geotab services and servers, Geotab offers critical emergency support services to Resellers and Partners. All of Geotab’s production services and servers have automated monitors running 24 hours a day to detect any issues. If any of these monitors trigger, the On-call Engineer is contacted immediately to troubleshoot the issue.

For more information, please refer to the following documents:

  1. ; and

Procedure for Reporting an On-Call Issue to Geotab

Step 1 — Check your email for a MyGeotab Scheduled Maintenance or Service Disruption notice

Have you checked your Reseller email for a notice of upcoming scheduled maintenance or active service disruption for the affected database? Geotab sends notices as defined in the To confirm the support email address, login to the impacted database and select Support from the System -> Settings menu.

NOTE: Do not email Geotab On-Call Services if you received a notice indicating there was maintenance and you are experiencing issues during the specified maintenance window.

To ensure that you receive maintenance notifications and customer support requests, please go to the Support tab in MyGeotab and verify the email address is correct.

Step 2 — Determine whether the situation is an On-Call issue

The following situations qualify as On-Call issues:

  1. Delay in live (telematics) data across the majority of devices in a database;
  2. Multiple users cannot login or access MyGeotab;
  3. Multiple users cannot login to Geotab Drive;
  4. Large scale performance issues — the database is so slow, it is unusable; and/or

If the situation qualifies as an On-Call issue, please proceed to step 3. When contacting Geotab On-Call, please specify which of the above scenarios your issue falls under. If not, please create a ticket in MyAdmin with the Geotab Support HelpDesk, using the following link:

Step 3 — Gather details about the On-Call issue

When you report an on-call issue, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  1. Prior Notification — Have you received a disruption of service notice for the affected database? If so, Geotab On-Call engineers are aware of the issue and are urgently working to resolve it. You will receive a resolved notice once performance has returned to normal.
  2. Affected Databases — How widespread is the issue? List the known database(s) that you have confirmed are affected.
  3. Date and Time — When did you start experiencing the issue? Have you as a Reseller been able to reproduce this issue? Provide the necessary details and evidence that the issue is easily reproducible. For example:
    1. Can you successfully log in to the affected database using your credentials?
    2. Can you see that ALL devices are not communicating, or is it only a few?
    3. Redirect one of the reports in question to yourself, are you able to receive the report?

Step 4 — Submit your request to Geotab On-Call Services

Send an email to . The email will automatically be forwarded to our 24-hour monitoring center and our on-call engineers will be contacted with the information. Once that email has been received, the on-call engineer will respond back to the Reseller within 30 minutes.