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What’s included in a Surfsight camera kit?

The camera kit includes an AI-12 forward/rear-facing camera (SKU MKH-SRFAI12128SI) and is activated with a Twilio Super Micro SIM card that has a 1G data access plan, a Secure Digital (SD) 128Gb commercial card certified to last 5 years and holds 100 hours of video, a mounting bracket, a 2-wire and fuse tap hardware kit and a proprietary security screwdriver. See the Surfsight Twilio Data Plan Service Brochure for more information.

Does the camera kit also include the Tamper Proof Case?

The recommended tamper proof case is now a separate SKU that can be added to the order by using SKU MKH-SRFPERTPCS. Please see the extended FAQ related to this topic.

Are Surfsight auxiliary cameras available for Order Now?

Currently Surfsight AI-12 cameras are available via Geotab’s Order Now Program, but Auxiliary cameras with side-facing and rear-facing options will be available in a future Order Now release, targeted for 2024. For immediate opportunities requiring auxiliary cameras, please contact ordernow@geotab.com for assistance.

Who can order Surfsight cameras through Geotab’s Order Now Program?

There are 2 ways to order Surfsight cameras:

  1. Customers: Through their MyGeotab database, any authorized users with an Administrator clearance can add Order Now solutions to their cart on Marketplace.
  2. Resellers: Through the MyAdmin Store, a Reseller’s Order Administrator has authorized access to purchase camera kits and accessories.

What installation options are available for the Surfsight camera?

There are 3 ways you can install the Surfsight camera:

  1. The two-wire fuse tap panel kit (power & ground) is included in the AI-12 Camera Kit (SKU MKH-SRFAI12128SI).
  2. Geotab has created an IOX T-Harness for Camera Solutions (SKU HRN-TNULL), along with Surfsight Power Adapter (SKU CBL-PWR-S50-011P).
  3. Surfsight OBDII Power Cable (SKU HRN-SGCBOBD) along with Geotab’s T-Harness (SKU HRN-GS16K22).

Professional Installation utilizing Geotab’s Field Services team can also be purchased via the SKU: INS-CAMERA

These items can be ordered separately via the Customer’s database in the Order Now Marketplace or through the MyAdmin Store, where Resellers can order on behalf of their Customers. An installation guide is available that outlines additional installation details.

Where can I purchase Lytx Surfsight accessories not sold by Geotab Order Now?

​Smaller accessories that Geotab does not sell via Order Now can be purchased in the Lytx Surfsight Parts Store, including items like the driver facing lens cover, replacement mounting brackets, replacement 2-wire installation cable, etc. Shipping availability is limited to the USA and Canada currently.

The link to instructions for registering for the Lytx Surfsight Parts Store can be found here where you can also find the direct link to the Parts Store. Please note: the store itself is not a secure site, however when you move to checkout, it becomes a secure checkout site.

Are there any term agreements for Surfsight cameras through Order Now?

As Surfsight Cameras are each paired to GO devices, neither solution has term agreements, so all users are on a month-to-month term.

Who can use the new Geotab Camera Add-In?

In January 2022, the Geotab Camera Add-in was launched for customers that ordered Surfsight cameras through the Order Now Program

The transition from the Surfsight Add-In to the new Geotab Camera Add-In in MyGeotab for existing Order Now customers began in February 2022.

New customers will only use the new Geotab Camera Add-In in MyGeotab.

Note: Geotab and Surfsight are currently working on extending availability of the new Geotab Camera Add-In to customers outside of the Order Now Program.

How do I add camera event rules within the Geotab Camera Add-In?

You have the option to create rules and record camera footage for certain driving events. Please refer to the Geotab Camera Add-In User Guide - [PUB] for directions.

If the driver decides to remove the SD card or modify the camera in any way, will a notification or an alert be sent to the end user?

There’s a tamper-proof cover on the camera that can only be accessed with a special security screwdriver that’s included in each Surfsight camera kit.

When an SD card is removed or the camera is modified, customers can create a rule in their database to capture when these events happen and receive notification of the pre-configured tamper event measurement in MyGeotab. Notifications can be set up for those events by user or distro list.

What’s the warranty period for a Surfsight camera?

Each Surfsight AI-12 camera comes with a 24-month limited warranty stating that the camera is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. This warranty begins upon reseller date of purchase.

Can I use the GO9+ or Surfsight WiFi access to transmit videos?

It is not recommended to use the WiFi access provided by Geotab or Surfsight for video transmission. At this point overage charges are not processed if a user exceeds the 1G data plan provided by Twilio, so recommend using the data plan activated with the SIM card to transmit the required video data.

Is there a seasonal stand-by or suspend option available through the Order Now Program?

Seasonal-standby or suspend options are currently not available through Order Now. For immediate opportunities that require seasonal-standby or suspend options, please contact ordernow@geotab.com for assistance.

Can a Customer pull video from MyGeotab for further analysis?

Customers with Administrator security clearance have permissions to download their videos via MyGeotab APIs pulling from Surfsight’s servers where the video data is housed. Note that device views are estimated at 60 10-second clips; data remains on the card until it rewrites itself. AI events are uploaded and retained for 30 days.

How much does it cost to ship a Surfsight camera?

Geotab offers shipping options to both U.S. and Canada, based on the current standard Go device shipping charges: $15 USD for standard processing and $100 USD for expedited requests. Canadian currency exchange rates apply.

Can you explain how events translate into data?

We always want to prioritize that customers are trained in properly utilizing the cameras to maximize their data usage (60 min live stream/month limit). For specific events, please see the following data measurements:

  1. 10 sec event ~ 1 MB
  2. 1 min live stream ~ 2.5 MB
  3. 30 sec clip from map ~ 2 MB/clip

What are the monthly data limits?

1G overall data allowance per month. 60 minute live stream/month limit. See this article for more information on best managing your data.

Is Order Now available in Canada?

Order Now is now available to our Canadian market. The only exception is the province of Quebec. Due to their applicable laws around French-Canadian packaging translation, that launch is planned in the near future.

Is Order Now available in LatAm (Mexico)?

Currently, Order Now is available in certain regions/countries and is continuing to expand. For Customer opportunities in Latam, please contact ordernow@geotab.com for more information.

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