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May 2022

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Installation Service is a value-added offering provided by Geotab to assist customers and Partners with setting up and installing Geotab and Order Now products. This service is offered to most Partners in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. Installation SKU’s will appear in MyAdmin under “Services” - > “Installation”. If Installation SKU’s are not visible please reach out to your PAM.

Roles and Responsibilities

Partners can order installation services from Geotab. When these services are ordered, Geotab will work with the Partner, Customer, and Geotab Authorized Installer to ensure installations are performed efficiently and in accordance with Geotab's standards. The following sets out the roles and responsibilities of the Partner, Customer, and Geotab.

Partner Responsibilities

Partners shall:

  1. Order installation services using the proper SKU in MyAdmin;
    1. This includes ordering the removal of existing devices that are being replaced by GO devices (INS-REMOVALNONGO)
  2. Place a separate order for each installation location;
  3. Ensure the quantity of installation services ordered matches the number of installations required;
  4. Ensure the proper type and quantity of devices and harnesses are ordered for the required vehicles;
  5. Ensure all applicable information required for installation services is detailed in MyAdmin at the time of order:
    1. Installation Point of Contact
    2. Installation location address
    3. Vehicle Information for each vehicle - VIN, Vehicle name, Make, Model, Year
  6. Ensure that all required devices and harnesses are shipped to the installation location and available at the time of installation;
  7. Ensure the devices are not suspended prior installation.
  8. Ensure the Customer is fulfilling their obligations in the installation process;
  9. Be responsible for the payment of installation services as ordered and managed through MyAdmin at the prices set out therein;
  10. Be responsible for any additional fees related to installation services, including, but not limited to, trip fees and vehicle no show fees; and
  11. Act as an escalation point for Geotab when the Customer is unresponsive or fails to provide required installation information.

Customer Responsibilities

Partners are responsible for briefing Customers to ensure:

  1. Customers consent to the installation information being provided to Geotab (and its subcontractors) to coordinate the installation;
  2. Customers understand the scope of what was ordered and what is included in the installation services;
  3. All Customer vehicles scheduled for installation should be in appropriate working order and present at the time and place of installation;
  4. Customers or their designated point of contact(s) should be easily accessible during the time of installation;
  5. All Customer vehicles (and keys) are accessible on the designated date and time for installers to complete the scheduled services;
  6. All applicable devices and harnesses are available at the installation location on the designated date and time;
  7. All devices deinstalled from a Customer vehicle are returned to the Customer;
  8. Customers provide installation location(s) that are suitable for installation, meaning such installation location(s):
    1. Will be reasonably secure to perform these services;
    2. Will house the required quantity of vehicles;
    3. Have appropriate weather accommodations;
    4. Have adequate lighting available;
    5. Have adequate personnel onsite for location and vehicle access; and
    6. Have internet connectivity or cellular reception for testing purposes.

Geotab Responsibilities

Geotab shall:

  1. Designate a key Geotab contact per installation services order;
  2. Select the most appropriate Geotab Authorized Installer (“Installer”) given location, date, and job complexity;
  3. Provide Installer with Customer information and installation requirements;
  4. Work with the Installer and Customer to schedule installations;
  5. Ensure installations are performed promptly and efficiently;
  6. Contact the Partner if a Customer is unresponsive or fails to provide required installation information;
  7. Ensure that Installers are technically competent to perform the installation services;
  8. Ensure the Installer verifies each installation and captures installation details;
  9. Provide installation progress status;
  10. Invoice the Partner for the installation services upon completion*; and
  11. Pay the Installer for the installation services upon completion.

NOTE: Invoices for installation services are separate from the monthly invoices for recurring services. Partners will be invoiced for the services after the installations are completed.

! IMPORTANT: Geotab reserves the right to withhold installation services to Partners and Customers if they fail to fulfill their responsibilities as outlined in this document.

Overview of Installation Service Offerings

Product Code – SKU


New Description


Standard Installation

Installation of a GO device with or without T-harness. Trip fees up to 50 mi/km* are included.


Advanced Installation

Installation of a GO device with T-harness and up to two IOX cables (such as. IOX-NFCREA-DER and IOX-GOTALK). Trip fees up to 50 mi/km are included.


Hardwired Installation

Installation of a GO device using hardwired connection to ignition and power. Trip fees up to 50 mi/km are included.


GO Device Swap

Removal of a defective GO device and installation of a new GO device. The swap needs to occur in the same vehicle and on the same day. It applies to Standard, Advanced and Hardwired Installations. Trip fees up to 50 mi/km are included.


GO Device Removal

Removal of a GO device. Applies to Hardwired, Advanced, and Standard Installed devices. The removed device and harness will be returned to the Customer. Trip fees up to 50 mi/km are included.


Vehicle No Show

The vehicle was not available at the time and place of the scheduled installation.


Trip Fee

Trip fee per 1 mi/km for installations that require trips over 50 mi/km.


Installation Service/Repair

Service or repair of an existing GO device or Geotab accessory. Trip fees up to 50 mi/km are included.


Competitor Device Removal

Removal of a competitor device before a GO device installation. Can be ordered only in addition to a Standard, Advanced, and/or Hardwired Installation.


Additional installation charges

Additional miscellaneous charges related to installation activities (such as custom installation work, hotel fees, parking fees, and more).


One Camera Installation

Installation of one front facing camera solution. Does not include GO device installation. Trip fees up to 50 mi/km are included.


GO Rugged Installation

Installation of a GO RUGGED device with any applicable RUGGED harness. Trip fees up to 50 mi/km are included.


Tachograph installation

Installation of a Tachograph solution (GO device, IOX cable, uReader with Tachograph cable). Applies to new or existing customers with or without a GO device already installed. Trip fees up to 50 miles are included.

NOTE: Installation service INS-TACHO is offered in the UK only.

Trip Fee

All installation services, with the exception of INS-REMOVALNONGO, cover travel for the installers of up to a total of 50 miles/km. For Installation Services orders that require trips over 50 miles/km, Partners will be charged for extra mileage. Please refer to MyAdmin for pricing per mile/km.

Vehicle No Show

If a vehicle is not available for the scheduled installation, the Customer or Partner must inform Geotab at least one business day before the installation. Failure to do so will result in Vehicle No Show charges applied to the Partner.

Competitor Device Removal

Partners must order the INS-REMOVALNONGO service with an installation service when removal of a competitor device is required before installing a GO device. If the removal service was not ordered, but a competitor device had to be removed before the GO device installation, Partners will be charged for INS-REMOVALNONGO service. Please refer to MyAdmin for the pricing.

Additional Installation Charges

Some additional charges may arise during installation activities. These charges may include, but are not limited to: custom installation work, installer hotel fees, parking fees, and meals. Geotab will advise the Partner before scheduling installations if additional charges are required. The Partner will be responsible for paying these charges.


All cancellations have to be processed through MyAdmin. Cancellations processed at least one business day before the scheduled installation service will incur no charge. Cancellation requests made within one business day are subject to Vehicle No Show charges.

Ordering Installation Services

! IMPORTANT: Before ordering installation services, ensure that you have all relevant vehicle information. You will be required to enter the vehicle’s VIN, Vehicle name, Make, Model, and Year for each service.

To place orders, click Store on the MyAdmin menu. The Store page displays a list of products and product categories that you can browse through to place an order. Promoted products are displayed at the top of the page. To find the list of Installation Services that are available, select Services > Installation from the product categories menu.

On the list of Installation Services, enter a quantity for the desired service in the Quantity field for the desired service and click Cart to add it to your cart. You can also click More Info to see additional details regarding the service (e.g. harness requirements).

NOTE: Installation services may be included in the same order as devices, but can also be ordered separately.

Viewing the Shopping Cart

After you have added the services you want to order to the cart, click the Shopping Cart icon located next to the username in the banner, or click View Cart.

NOTE: The Shopping Cart icon displays the number of products and not the total quantity of items.

On the Cart page, review the products in your cart and make any necessary changes. Click Remove to remove a product from the cart or modify the value displayed in the Quantity field to change the quantity of installation services required.

To continue adding services to your order, click Return to Store, or click Proceed to checkout to begin the checkout process.

Checking Out

To complete your order, provide the necessary order, shipping, and product information on the Checkout page.

Order Information

Under the Order Information tab, enter the following information. Complete optional fields as needed.

Purchase Order

A unique purchase order or RMA number is required. Use an RMA number to receive a free replacement product(s), shipped for free with a prepaid return label for the defective product.

NOTE: Prepaid labels are currently only available in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico but will soon be available in other countries.

My Reference

Information you can use to identify an order (e.g. location, Customer Name, etc.).

Default Device Plan

Base, Pro, ProPlus, or other plans as they are introduced. All devices in one order must be on the same plan.

Requested Delivery Date

The Requested Delivery Date is a reference date used by Geotab to better accommodate the needs for deliveries in the future. It is not a guarantee and used for reference only.

General comments for packing slip

Add comments for the Sales team, especially if ordering something that is not in the price list (e.g. Beta products).

Comments for Geotab

Add comments for Geotab. These comments are not visible to Customers.

Add Cc email address

Copy an additional email recipient on order-related emails. Enter the email address then click Add. Repeat for each additional email address.

For more information about email notifications, please see the Emails by MyAdmin guide.

Shipping Information

Under the Shipping Information tab, select the shipping location and assign a contact to the devices.

For the Assign to field, click Select, and then either toggle Same as Ship To contact to On or use the search bar to select your desired contact. The Same as Ship To contact toggle gives you the option to copy the Ship to contact information to the Assign to field.

To add a new address or new contact information, click New in the Ship to or Assign to field and enter the required information in the popup window. To edit shipping contact information, click Edit under the desired contact.

Click Next to go to the Product Information tab.

NOTE: The Ship to option is not displayed if you are ordering Installation Services only. In this case, use the search bar to select the Assign to address and click Next to go to the Product Information tab.

Product Information

Review the products and quantity of items in your order on the Product Information tab. In the Promo Code field, enter an applicable promo code, or click Edit Cart to add more products.


Under the Services tab, enter the following information. Complete optional fields as needed.

Use shipping contact information / Use assigned to address

If the installation included on this order will be installed at the same address selected within the Shipping Information section, select Yes.

If the address is not the same, select No and use the panel on the right side to either select a contact with the right address or enter a new address by clicking Add new address.

Select vehicle(s) availability window

Select the option that best aligns with the availability of the vehicle for installation.


Enter any additional information that you would like the Field Services team or Installer to be aware of.

Vehicle Information

Under the Vehicle Info tab, add information about the vehicle in which the product will be installed. The table displays the Make, Model, Year, VIN, and Vehicle Name. To add vehicle information, click on the table.

If you order different installation services, vehicle information for those services will be added in the separate tables.

If you need to enter vehicle information for a large number of vehicles, use the bulk upload feature. Download the template, update it with the vehicle information and upload it by clicking on Upload.

NOTE: You are required to add information for the same number of vehicles as there are Installation Services in your cart. For example, if the cart includes two Installation Services, you need to add information for two vehicles.

Complete Order

Under the Complete Order tab, select one of the following options:

  1. Place My Order: The order has been placed and is in process.
  2. Save as Planning Order: Only you can see and release the order. Notify your Account Manager of planning orders to ensure product availability.
  3. Cancel Order: Removes the order from the system. You can also cancel the in-progress order by closing your browser tab.

NOTE: Items in your cart are not removed when the order is canceled; however, you will need to re-enter your Purchase Order/RMA# and restart the checkout process.

After you place the order, MyAdmin confirms whether Geotab has received the order. If the system encounters an error when processing the order, please contact Geotab Support.

Order Confirmation

You will receive an email when your order is confirmed and accepted. If the order is incomplete, our Order Team will contact you. If the order is being shipped, the email displays a shipping address in the Ship Location field. For more information about email notifications, please see Emails by MyAdmin. If the order is being picked up at a warehouse, the email displays Local Pickup next to Ship Location.