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April 18, 2024

Geotab Disclaimer

! IMPORTANT: Geotab's training resources are intended to provide information on how to make the best use of Geotab products. While every effort has been made to ensure the information in the training resources is accurate as of the date they are created, errors and omissions may occur, and the information presented in the training resources may become out-of-date with the passage of time. Please ensure that you have the most up-to-date version of this document by visiting https://drive.google.com/open?id=1l0xL6sN9azAkHBNyuLuocMzAILCXeGucg4bKu9qSp_c.

What is Active Tracking?

Active Tracking is a ProPlus feature (coming soon to all plans) that couples an increase in the frequency of data transmission from the GO device with a leveraging of our patented algorithms in the GO device firmware. The result is an animation feature on the MyGeotab map moving the vehicle in real time and correcting the position with the actual location as updates arrive from the device — producing a very accurate view of where the vehicle is at any given time. Active Tracking will also enable real-time notifications and alerts for server-based rules.

How does Active Tracking work?

Geotab has always logged data on the GO device using a patented algorithm based around curve logic. Active Tracking essentially “runs the curve” more frequently than regular logging. The GO device will log a new point if the difference between the actual and projected speeds is greater than 7 km/h, or if the difference between the actual and projected positions is greater than 28.5 meters, or if the buffer is full (every 100 seconds), or when ignition occurs. This will substantially increase the number of data uploads and the apparent immediacy of the data.

Who will use Active Tracking?

Originally designed for position-critical applications such as ambulances and other emergency vehicles, Active Tracking can be used by any fleet manager or dispatcher who wishes to track their vehicles moving in real time. Local delivery fleets, taxi fleets, or any fleet wishing to understand exactly what is occurring with their fleet will see benefit from Active Tracking.

Active Tracking is also required for time-sensitive server-based rules and notifications, such as posted road speed warnings for the driver using GO TALK. Active Tracking is designed to cater to customers that require real-time tracking for daily operations.

Because more data is transmitted from the GO device, Partners and Solution Integrators can leverage the feature to build time-sensitive or data-rich applications and Add-Ins.

How do I turn on Active Tracking?

Active Tracking will soon be on by default in the ProPlus plan, and shortly thereafter all plans. Note: Only GO6 and newer devices can benefit from Active Tracking.

With Active Tracking, asset locations are updated every second for up to 20 moving vehicles at time on the map.

The browser refreshes the device location based on the latest information:

  1. every second for the first 20 moving vehicles.
  2. every 15 seconds for normal vehicles and Active Tracking vehicles exceeding the 20-vehicle limit.

What rate plan is Active Tracking available on?

Active Tracking will soon be on by default in the ProPlus plan, and shortly thereafter all plans

Is Active Tracking compatible with all devices?

Active Tracking is supported on GO6 and later devices.

What are the limitations to Active Tracking?

The GO device must be in good cellular coverage in order for Active Tracking to work. For best results, we recommend installing the device with a clear view of the sky to get a better GPS latch.

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