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April 2023


This document provides information about the Geotab IOX-WRKS installation process with an optional add-on LED tool.

Getting Started

As an installer, it is your responsibility to complete the actions outlined in the official IOX-WRKS Installation Guide before installing the USB-powered LED lamp into the IOX-WRKS harness.


Stages of the USB LED Lamp:


LED Pattern




No power to IOX-WRKS


1 blink

Power to IOX-WRKS


2 blinks

System is Healthy, but not configured yet


3 blinks

Set Spreader Worked (configuration is not the default)


Inverted 1 blink

Received Data from Spreader Controller



Received Ack from MyGeotab

Geotab Public Works Support

Geotab Public Works Support Contact Information

Phone Number


Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday — 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST

Saturday — 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST

Geotab Public Works Support will assist the Installer with the following when on-site:

  1. Receive installation-related support.
  2. Apply the appropriate controller configuration file when required.
  3. Verify and validate the installation before leaving the installation site.

Supported USB LED Devices

Any 5V single-light USB LED device is supported. The program controlling the LED is generic and only controls the voltage supplied to the USB port.

The IOX-WRKS device can light up any LED lamp attached to the USB Host wire of its wiring harness.


I don’t see any light at all, and I expect to.

It will be one of these scenarios:

  1. There might be no power getting to the IOX-WRKS. If there are no lights on the GO device, fix that first. Only after all 3 lights are on the GO: red, green, and blue, does the IOX-WRKS function. If that is ok, then
  2. Unplug the Mini-USB cable from the GO device, then plug back in again and make sure it is seated well. It also helps to wrap a zip strap tie around it. If that doesn’t fix it, then
  3. The USB LED Light itself might be faulty. Try replacing your USB LED lamp with a different one. Also, the Dollar Store has USB charging cables that light up. Those ones seem to be more reliable than the little reading lights.
  4. If needed, replace the cable coming from the IOX-WRKS, with a new one, that plugs into the GO device.
  5. If nothing above works, then you might need a new IOX-WRKS device.