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Geotab® Garmin®Bundle FAQ

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End of life announcement: Geotab Garmin Bundle

The Geotab Garmin Bundle is discontinued. Map updates and firmware to support current functionality will continue to be provided by Garmin, but Garmin will not be releasing firmware updates to support new functionality.

Geotab and Garmin will continue to provide support for this product until warranty expiration. Geotab will not be offering a replacement solution.

For similar products, please refer to the Geotab Marketplace.

Resources and contact information

If you have any further questions, please contact your Partner Account Manager.

The Geotab Garmin Bundle forms part of the Geotab Cloud ELD solution, Geotab Drive, and offers a reliable and user-friendly platform for tracking, managing and sharing Records of Duty Status (RODS).


The Geotab Garmin Bundle includes a Garmin fleet™ 790 Android tablet, fully dedicated to the Geotab Drive mobile app, with driver-friendly access to Hours of Service reporting, compliance monitoring, end-to-end inspections (DVIR), and more.

Equipped with LTE technology and 3G fallback, the tablet goes anywhere you do, while industrial-grade hardware provides strength and durability for commercial long-haul use.

With added features for navigation and routing, driver coaching and dash camera recording, the Geotab Garmin Bundle ensures your fleet is safe and compliance-ready.

What Does the Geotab Garmin Bundle Include?

The Geotab Garmin Bundle includes the following:

  1. Geotab Cloud ELD (with Geotab Drive Mobile App)
  2. GARMIN fleet™ 790 Android Tablet with 7” Touch Display, Wi-Fi, and HD Dash Camera
  3. Suction Cup Mount
  4. Vehicle Charger
  5. LTE Connectivity (with 3G fallback)
  6. Mobile Device Management (MDM) Application
  7. 3 Year Warranty

What rate plans apply?

The Garmin Bundle requires:

  1. GO Device Plan — Regulatory, Pro or ProPlus mode.
  2. Garmin Bundle Plan — Regulatory or Pro mode.

What features do I get with each Garmin rate plan?

Regulatory Mode

Pro Mode

  1. Garmin truck navigation
  2. Geotab Drive (managed by Geotab)
  3. Dispatching and messaging via Geotab Drive
  4. Fully locked tablet (blocked apps that might distract drivers)
  • Everything from Regulatory Mode
  • Ability to create an Application Catalog with selected third party applications
  • What happens when I terminate my Garmin Bundle Plan?

    The SIM card will be terminated immediately and the MDM will take 48 hours to un-enroll. Within those 48 hours we can reactivate billing and the SIM card, but if more than 48 hours have passed the device has to be shipped back to Geotab for re-setup, this will incur a $25 fee.

    Can I manage my Garmin tablet in MyAdmin?

    Yes! Use the 9-digit serial number on the back of your Garmin tablet (starts with 587xxxxxx) or IMEI to locate and manage it in MyAdmin, the same way you would locate and manage your GO device.

    How much data am I allowed to use?

    No data limit is imposed. However, the tablet is locked down using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) application. For Pro mode, in which third party applications are allowed, Geotab assumes a reasonable monthly data consumption of 1 GB.

    If data consumption is consistently abused past acceptable usage levels, Geotab reserves the right to suspend connectivity to such devices.

    Can I suspend my Garmin Bundle plan?

    Yes. You can suspend your Garmin Bundle plan in MyAdmin the same way you would suspend a GO device. A monthly fee is applied during the suspension period (independent from the GO device suspension fee).

    Can I as a Reseller or Customer control the settings of the MDM?

    No. The tablet’s settings are managed solely by Geotab.

    Does Geotab offer any other tablet mounting options other than the suction cup mount included in the bundle?

    No. However, Garmin has partnered with RAM Mounts to create multiple mounting options (i.e. locking and not locking) that can be purchased directly from RAM Resellers. Contact your RAM Reseller or your Geotab Partner Account Manager for more information.

    Does the Garmin Bundle Plan include Garmin Truck Mapping?


    Does the Garmin Bundle Include the GO device or any Geotab harnesses or IOX expanders?

    No. The GO device and any additional Geotab harnesses or IOXs must be purchased separately.

    Can I use messaging and Garmin navigation with dispatching via Geotab Drive?


    While communicating by two way messaging with my drivers, is there a way I can get an alert on MyGeotab every time I receive a new message from a driver when using a Garmin?

    Email notifications may be set up for the Advanced Text Message Report. Alternatively, you will have to stay on the Messages page to receive new messages. Please note that the messaging feature is in beta, and Geotab is still making improvements on it.

    Can the Garmin Bundle be used outside of the US? Where?

    The product is only available for sale in the US and it’s meant to only be used within the US.

    Is the dash cam integrated with MyGeotab?

    Not at this time. Videos captured via the dash cam are stored in the dedicated microSD card hidden in the chamber that also holds the SIM card, and can be retrieved manually.

    Can I as a Customer or Reseller upload third party applications onto the tablet?

    As a Reseller, you will get access to the MDM platform and are able to upload third party applications for your customers. For more information on MobiControl and third party app management please refer to the MobiControl Documentation available on our sales website for Resellers.

    This feature is only available on Pro Mode.

    How to mount and set up dash cam while staying within compliance?

    In order to stay compliant, FMCSA allows carriers to mount a GPS on the windshield within the areas allowed for “vehicle safety technology” devices.

    GPS devices should be mounted no more than four inches below the upper edge of the area swept by windshield wipers and no more than 7 inches above the lower edge swept by windshield wipers would not obstruct the drivers’ view of the road.

    If I have to RMA one of the devices but I’ve lost some of the parts, can I still RMA it?

    Yes, but you will be charged an “Incomplete fee” of $50 USD.

    Garmin Product Manual - link

    Garmin POI Loader - link

    POI Loader is free software for your computer that lets you upload customized points of interest (POIs) to your compatible Garmin device*. With the help of POI Loader, you can update your compatible Garmin GPS with the latest POIs, including restaurants, safety camera locations and tourist destinations.