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Geotab® GARMIN® Bundle — Support Document

End of life announcement: Geotab Garmin Bundle

The Geotab Garmin Bundle is discontinued. Map updates and firmware to support current functionality will continue to be provided by Garmin, but Garmin will not be releasing firmware updates to support new functionality.

Geotab and Garmin will continue to provide support for this product until warranty expiration. Geotab will not be offering a replacement solution.

For similar products, please refer to the Geotab Marketplace.

Resources and contact information

If you have any further questions, please contact your Partner Account Manager.

Geotab® GARMIN® Bundle

For the most up-to-date version, please visit:


Geotab GARMIN Bundle

The Garmin Bundle forms part of the Geotab Cloud solution and offers a reliable and user-friendly platform for tracking, managing and sharing Records of Duty Status (RODS). The Bundle includes a Garmin fleet™ 790 Android tablet, fully dedicated to the Geotab Drive mobile app, which offers driver-friendly access to Hours of Service reporting, compliance monitoring, end-to-end vehicle inspections (DVIR), and provides added features for productivity and driver safety.

Included in Bundle

  1. Geotab Drive Cloud ELD (with Geotab Drive Mobile App)
  2. GARMIN fleet™ 790 Android Tablet with 7” Touch Display, Wi-Fi, and HD Dash Camera
  3. Suction Cup Mount
  4. Vehicle Charger
  5. LTE Connectivity (with 3G fallback)
  6. Mobile Device Management (MDM) Application
  7. 3-Year Warranty.

Key Features and Benefits

    1. Industrial-grade hardware optimized for long-haul commercial truck use.
    2. On-board Wi-Fi for map and software updates.
    3. Full HD dash camera with fixed focus when mounted.
    4. The GARMIN fleet 790 has 4G/3G support and embedded cellular connectivity, so it can work in or out of the vehicle.
  • Optimize your fleet, increase productivity, improve driver safety, and maximize up- time with added features.
  • The GARMIN fleet 790 is tested against the MIL- STD-810 Transit Drop test.

  • Technical Specifications


    7” Capacitive Touch Display WSVGA (1024 × 600 pixels)

    Dimensions: 15.2 cm x 8.9 cm


    2 GB RAM, 16 GB NAND

    2 microSD card slots (1 general use/1 dedicated to dash cam recording)


    4G LTE CAT-1 with 3G fallback


    GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® 4.2 Classic & BLE, USB 2.0, NFC


    4 MP road-facing, dual-purpose (dash cam & productivity)


    Android 6.0

    Operating Temperature

    From -10° to 55°C (from 14° to 131°F)

    Charging Temperature Range (Vehicle Power)

    From 0° to 45°C (from 32° to 113°F)


    Weight: 439 g (15.49 oz)

    Dimensions: 199.0 mm L × 121.8 mm W × 23.7 mm H

    Power Input Type

    Vehicle power using an optional accessory. AC power using an optional accessory for home of office use only

    Battery Type

    Rechargeable Lithium-ion


    Maximum DC 5 V, 2 A

    Mobile Data Modes

    Frequency Bands

    3G: B2 (1900), B5 (850)

    LTE: B2 (1900), B4 (1700), B5 (850), B12 (700)

    Conducted Power Output

    850/900 MHz @ +33 dBm nominal



    Installation and Setup

    See the Important Safety and Product Information guide in the product box for product warnings and other important information.

    For important warnings regarding the lithium-ion battery and magnets used in the GARMIN fleet 790 tablet, Please refer to the GARMIN Owner’s Manual:


    Ensure that the tablet is on the lastest firmware (FW: 5.00 or higher)

    Connect to Wi-Fi and update the firmware on the tablet:

    1. From the top of the tablet, swipe down to access the Android Quick Settings panel.
    2. Tap the downward arrow next to the word “Wi-Fi”.
    3. Locate your Wi-Fi network and enter the password to connect (password may not be required depending on network set-up).
    4. Once connected, tap the Home button.
    5. On the Home screen, tap Settings. (gear icon).
    6. Scroll down and tap About device.
    7. Tap System updates.
    8. Tap Download and wait for the updates to complete. Software updates can be done via cellular or WiFi connection, but map updates can only be downloaded when connected to WiFi.

  • 2

    Plug the vehicle power cable into the magnetic mount.


    Press the suction cup to the mount until it snaps into place.

    Note: Step may not be required if mount and suction cup are already assembled.


    Place the suction cup onto the desired location and press against the glass.


    Flip the lever to secure the suction cup into place.


    Place the back of the device onto the magnetic mount.



    For more information on the GARMIN fleet 790 Android Tablet, refer to the GARMIN Owner’s Manual:

    IOX-GARMIN Installation

    The Geotab GARMIN Bundle is compatible with IOX-GARMINWT and IOX-GARMINNT, both sold separately. The IOX is not mandatory for compliance. For a complete list of steps for the installation of your IOX-GARMIN please visit:

    Mobile Device Management

    A Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution is used to restrict certain settings and applications on the tablet. The MDM solution is SOTI Mobicontrol and is managed by Geotab. Restrictions include the install or use of:

    1. Google Play Store application,
    2. Internet browser,
    3. Social media and messaging applications,
    4. Other third party applications*,
    5. All device tethering,
    6. Factory data reset, and
    7. Uninstallation of the MDM application and Geotab Drive.

    * Other third party applications can be installed on Pro Mode.

    Important Safety Information and Limitations of Use

    For the latest version of the Limitations of Use, please visit:

    WARNING! Your in-vehicle devices must be kept clear of debris, water and other environmental contaminants. Failure to do so may result in units malfunctioning or short-circuiting, that can lead to a fire hazard and cause loss or serious injury.

    WARNING! Do not attempt to remove the devices from the vehicle in which they are originally installed for installation in another vehicle. Not all vehicles share compatibility, and doing so may result in unexpected interactions with your vehicle, including sudden loss of power or shutdown of the vehicle’s engine while in operation or cause your vehicle to operate poorly or erratically and cause serious injury and/or vehicle damage.

    NOTICE: This product does not contain any user-serviceable parts. Configuration, servicing, and repairs must only be made by an authorized reseller or installer. Unauthorized servicing of these products will void your product warranty.

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