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How to access public MyGeotab Alpha software

February 2021

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At Geotab, we work hard to build safe and reliable tools that make sense for your business, and your feedback is an essential part of that process. With this in mind, we have created an Alpha Testing Server to allow select users to access pre-production releases of MyGeotab. By allowing early access to new features and technologies, we believe that with your help, we can be confident that our releases are stable and robust.

Geotab maintains three separate versions of MyGeotab software on servers that are publicly accessible on the web. The versions are separated by servers and federations, as follows:


Example URL



Customer MyServers


Customer databases running a stable production version of MyGeotab.

Open for public registration

Testing Preview Servers


Test databases running a pre-production (Beta) version of MyGeotab.

Open for public registration

Internal MyServers


Same federation as Customer MyServers, running an Alpha version of MyGeotab

Not open for public registration. Restricted to internal Geotab testing only.


The public servers containing Alpha versions of MyGeotab are separated in a new and completely partitioned federation. This ensures separation from customer databases and the expectation of use for production means. In order to gain access to a database on the Alpha Testing Server Federation, please follow the steps below:

  1. Review and complete the MyGeotab Alpha Software Application Form.
  2. Once your response has been acknowledged and reviewed by Geotab’s Solutions Engineering team, you will receive an email from a team member asking you to provide your desired unique database name.
  3. Solutions Engineering will register your new database onto the Alpha Server Federation and add your email address as a user to the database.
  4. You will receive an automated password reset email from your new database and a confirmation email from Solutions Engineering including your new database URL.

NOTE: Registering a brand new database to this federation is the only option available at this time. Before accessing your new database, continue reading this document to understand our expectations of use.

Expectation of use

! IMPORTANT: The Alpha Testing Server Federation must not be used for any type of production activity. Please review the following usage expectations before accessing your new database:

Use the following information as a guide to how you should use your Alpha Testing database:

  1. You should have a specific feature or bug that you are targeting for your Alpha software testing.
  2. The Alpha Testing Server Federation is intended for testing purposes only, and may experience periods of instability and unavailability at any time.
  3. The Alpha Testing Server Federation is updated on a weekly basis to the latest alpha software version which Geotab releases publicly.
  4. Please direct all testing feedback to
  5. Do not report bugs or critical issues found in the Alpha Testing Server Federation to Geotab Support, since these do not impact production or pre-production software.
  6. Consider testing Beta GO device firmware in the Alpha Testing environment, as well.
  7. Once you are completed with your testing, access to your Alpha database will be removed.
  8. This service is provided on an as-is basis, and Geotab makes no representations with respect to its accuracy or stability, and is free to terminate access or remove the software at its sole discretion.