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Research has shown that having to return to an installation for any reason costs everyone. If an install is done right the first time, profitability is maximized. We offer two tools to ensure a successful first time install:

  1. this website is accessible through any smartphone or Internet-ready PC. It allows the installer to check the installation and add additional information and comments about the vehicle or the install.
  2. Install Monitor: simply send an email containing one or more G#’s to As the Geotab server records valid data from each of the device(s) entered, it sends a return email to the sender and anyone who was copied in the original email confirming the installation was successful.

Either approach can be used depending on how much detail needs to be recorded.

It is always necessary to confirm the installation using one or both tools.

How to Use the Email Install Monitor

This tool is used to activate automated monitoring and email confirmation of the days installations.

  1. Simply compose an email to
  2. Use the Cc field to copy anyone who needs to receive the device report.
    1. All valid addresses will be included in the replies.
  3. Enter the installing company name in the subject line.
  4. Next add the serial number(s) (one per line only) for any devices you wish to monitor.
  5. Remember to enter only one device number on each line.
    1. The use of dashes in the number has no effect on results.
    2. A valid Geotab GO serial number starts with a G and is 12 characters not including the dashes.
  6. Any text after the serial number will be added to the comments for that device install and logged to the install site. You must leave a single space after each serial number before entering the text.

  1. Send the email.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email containing any VALID serial numbers entered about 5 minutes after sending the email. For the next six hours, the Install Monitor will monitor the Geotab database for each device listed, waiting for each to report in.

  1. As each device is verified, an email is returned to the sender and anyone who was in the Cc field of the original email.

  1. When you receive a successful response, an install record is created and stored in the database with the results.
  2. Your email address is used as the installer name and the name you placed in the subject line is the installing company name NOT the customer name.
  3. Should a successful report not occur within 6 hours, an email will be returned for each device that failed to communicate with the word “BAD” in the subject line after the G#.

  1. For additional HELP, you can compose an email to Type the word “help” into the subject line and send the email. A few minutes later you will receive an email explaining how to use the system.

Sample Screenshot

How to Use the Install Web Tool

This tool is used to confirm a proper installation and log key information.


Go to to perform installation checks using the public version of MyInstall.

✱ NOTE: You can access this page without credentials.


In the Installer Information section, enter the Installer name and Installer company. Tap Next.


In the Device serial number section, enter the 12-digit alphanumeric serial number or tap the barcode icon to scan the telematics device barcode with your mobile device camera.

If you removed an old device from the vehicle to install a new device, and want to record the serial number, select Click here if you removed an old device and enter the device serial number. Tap Validate.


In the Device status section, wait for the Device status to display a PASS or FAIL label. The PASS status indicates that the device has successfully communicated with the network in the last 24 hours. The FAIL status indicates that the device has not communicated with the network in the last 24 hours.

If the device has not communicated, you can troubleshoot the installation, then click Refresh to validate again. If troubleshooting does not help, you can submit the failed result if desired. Tap Next.


In the Vehicle information section, enter information about the vehicle where the telematics device was installed.

  1. Vehicle name — Enter the vehicle name. This field is mandatory.
  2. License plate — Enter the vehicle license plate.
  3. VINEnter the vehicle identification number (VIN) or tap the barcode icon to scan the VIN barcode with your mobile device.
  4. Make, Model, and Year — You can enter this information or use the search option — located beside the VIN field — to auto-populate the fields based on the VIN.
  5. NOTE: For some vehicle makes and models, the auto-populate option might not be possible.

  6. Odometer — Enter the vehicle odometer, and select the measurement unit (Km or Miles).
  7. Engine hours Enter the vehicle engine hours.
  8. Camera ID Enter the installed camera identification (ID) number or tap the barcode icon to scan the camera ID barcode with your mobile device.
  9. NOTE: Depending on the camera type, the camera ID number can also be the camera’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), or serial number. Tap the information icon to learn more about your camera’s ID number.

    1. Work order reference — If applicable, enter a work reference number that is associated with the installation.
    2. Installation comments — Enter any comments associated with the installation.

Troubleshooting LED Flashes & Diagnostic Sounds

Upon installation, the device will go through a several beeping sequences while going through the connection phases. Below are the beeps and LED flashes in order of when you should hear/see them and what to do if they don’t happen.

Connection Stage

Audio & Visual Confirmation


Power Detection

6 beeps

Confirm connection. Check for blown fuses. Try another device.

Ignition Detection

1 short beep Red LED flashes

Confirm correct harness is installed.

GPS Latch

1 long beep

Blue LED flashes

Ensure vehicle is outside with a clear view of the sky. Move device on top of dash or away from metal surroundings.

Cellular Latch 1

2 short beeps

Ensure there is cell coverage. Ensure SIM is active in install tool. Move device on top of dash.

Cellular Latch 2

3 short beeps Green LED flashes