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June 2022

GO Device Installation Frequently Asked Questions

I already know how to install a GO device. Do I need to read this?

Yes, starting from the GO9® and GO9 RUGGED™ models (and all future models), the initial provisioning process has been updated to provide enhanced security and privacy. The new process significantly changes the duration of the installation and the audio/visual notifications received during the installation. We strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with all of the information contained in these FAQs. Key differences in the installation process of different device generations are described in the following table.


GO8® devices (and earlier)

GO9/GO9B/GR9 devices (first installation)

GO9/GO9B/GR9 devices (after installation)

Visual (LEDs)

  1. Red LED — On when ignition is detected.
    1. Blue LED — On when GPS connects.
      1. Green LED — On when mobile network connects.

Different LED patterns, refer to the FAQs on LED notifications.

Same as GO8 and earlier devices.

Audio (beeps)

  • Six beeps on power detection
  • One short beep on ignition
  • One long beep on GPS latch
  • Two plus three short beeps on mobile network connection
  • Different beeping patterns, refer to the FAQs on beeping notifications.

    Same as GO8 and earlier devices.

    GPS/ vehicle data

    Device begins logging data as soon as it receives power.

    Device only begins logging data after 1) the device has been added to MyGeotab and 2) device installation has been completed.

    Same as GO8 and earlier devices.

    When should I add the device to my database?

    You should add the device to your MyGeotab™ database before installing it in the vehicle. Until you have added the device to MyGeotab, you will not be able to view any vehicle data, even if you have successfully installed the device in your vehicle. If you do not add the device to MyGeotab before installing it in your vehicle, you will not be able to access any data between the time it was installed and the time it was added to the database. This feature has been added to keep your data secure whilst protecting your privacy.

    What types of visual and audio notifications should I expect when installing a GO9 (and newer devices) device for the first time?

    When the device receives power for the first time, you can expect the LED and beeping patterns described below.

    Visual (LED) notifications


    Blinking LED

    Solid LED


    Power on and firmware update pending.

    Power on and latest firmware downloaded.


    GPS is on but not connected.

    GPS is on and connected.


    Mobile network modem is on but not connected.

    Mobile network modem is on and connected.

    Audio (beeping) notifications

    Installation stage




    Device detects power.

    Six rapid beeps


    Throughout the installation process.

    Two rapid beeps every 60 seconds


    Before device restarts to complete installation.

    10 rapid beeps

    ✱ NOTE: Once the device restarts after 10 rapid beeps, standard device notification patterns are restored. It is only during the installation process that GO notifications are unique.

    Does the installation depend on network coverage?

    Yes, the device requires network and GPS coverage in order to complete the installation process. If installation is attempted in an area with no wireless coverage, the provisioning process will be completed when the vehicle enters an area of coverage.

    Why is my device beeping continuously?

    As mentioned above, the device will beep twice every 60 seconds throughout the installation process. The process may continue for longer durations in areas with poor network coverage.

    What should I do if the LED keeps blinking?

    Blue (GPS) and Green (mobile network modem) LEDs keep blinking until they connect to their respective networks. If there is no GPS or mobile signal, the blinking continues indefinitely. In this scenario, we recommend that the vehicle be moved to an area with better network coverage. The Red (power) LED blinks throughout the installation process and can be ignored.

    How long should the GO device take to install completely?

    Installing a GO device can take several minutes. Under normal circumstances, with good network and GPS coverage, you can expect the device to be completely installed in approximately 10 minutes. As the process takes some time, you do not need to monitor the device after the following conditions are met:

    1. Blue and Green LEDs have turned solid.
    2. You have verified the first stage of install:
      1. Navigate to installmygps.com and open MyInstall (public).
      2. Enter your Name and Company Name.
      3. Enter the Device Serial Number. Press Validate.
      4. Ensure you receive PASS for device status.
      5. Enter the vehicle name, licence plate, VIN, make, model, year, odometer, engine hours, work order reference and installation comments as needed. Press Finish Installation.

    Do I need to keep the ignition on for the installation to be completed?

    No. The installation process does not depend on the state of the ignition.

    NOTE: Certain vehicles sound an alert if any On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) third-party device requests data via the OBD-II port whilst the vehicle is locked and the ignition is off. As of firmware version x.27.x, GO9 devices disable this alert by default in order to provide full access to data according to the rate plan, without risk of sounding the alert. For more information, including how to verify and control alert status, please consult the OBD port audible alert FAQ.

    GO RUGGED-Specific Installation Frequently Asked Questions

    ! IMPORTANT: Hardware selection for different physical environments: You must select the correct Geotab hardware suitable for your specific installation environment and vehicle use. For installations where exposure to the elements (e.g. liquids, dust or interior wet cleaning/power washing) is anticipated, select the GO RUGGED device (GR8-rated IP67 and GR9-rated IP68 and IP69K).

    What’s the difference between IP67, IP68 and IP69K?

    A product’s IP rating (IP code) indicates the ability of its enclosure with respect to preventing ingress of contaminants (e.g. water, dust etc.) as per IEC 60529. At a high level, both IP67/IP68 are dust/water-resistant to submersion of up to 1 metre for 30 minutes. IP69K refers to additional protection against powerful high-temperature water jet streams (i.e. power washing).

    NOTE: The mounting position influences the degree of protection. Ensure that the GR9 is installed against a flat surface. Failure to install the enclosure as per the intended use (e.g. LEDs facing the mounting surface or left suspended without being fixed to a flat surface) downgrades GR9 from its IP69K rating to IP68.