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! IMPORTANT: Professional installation (Certified Geotab® Installer or equivalent) is required for the safe and proper installation of this product (harness and/or IOX). The installer must have sufficient technical knowledge and expertise for the respective installation.

For the most up-to-date version, please visit:

SPR-RELAYKIT incorporates controls for enabling a relay directly from the telematics device. The relay, enabled remotely from the web application, is activated using a Near Field Communication (NFC) Driver Identification device or the IOX Relay Cable. The kit contents are pictured in the accompanying images.

! IMPORTANT: Due to the wide variety and complexity of many specialized vehicles, application methods, installation orientations, and various uses for the relay kit, we do not provide comprehensive support for all Make/Model/Years.

NOTE: This kit does not support version 4v2 or older devices.

NOTE: Always fuse your connections!

NOTE: While this Driver ID relay is used to activate a third-party rev limiter or drive inhibitor that are both safe and effective, support ends at the functioning of the Telematics Device and relay. In addition, we do not guarantee the system is fail-safe or 100% reliable for immobilization purposes.

WARNING! This product is not designed for use in a fail-safe manner. Using the product in a fail-safe manner may result in loss of vehicle control, accident, and/or serious injury.

WARNING! Do not install a circuit interrupt on any circuit that may interfere with the safe operation of a vehicle or cause the engine to stop while the vehicle is in motion, especially the circuits controlling fuel lines. Integration of this product into vehicle systems requires professional installation by a licensed automotive electrician and/or mechanic who is thoroughly familiar with any circuits involved. Incorrect installation can cause unexpected loss of engine power, fuel, or other critical vehicle systems, leading to loss of vehicle control, accidents, and serious injury.


Installation Instructions

WARNING! Always read and follow all safety information, including Important Safety Information and Limitations of Use, before harness and/or IOX installation. Disconnect the GO device from the vehicle before installation and connect it post-installation (see Failure to follow these instructions and warnings can result in loss of vehicle control and serious injury or vehicle damage.

Version 4v3 devices

When installing the Driver ID relay using a Version 4v3 device, hardwire an ignition connection to the vehicle. Use either the 3-wire harness — HRN-PWR (for 3-wire installs) — or a T-harness with the SPR-ACCWIRE inserted for the ignition connection (see below).

Version 6 and newer devices

An IOX-NFCREADERA is necessary for Driver ID Relay installation with a Version 6 or Version 7 device. Hardwire an ignition connection to the vehicle using the yellow wire from the white 2-cavity connector on the SPR-IOXREL. The black connector on the SPR-IOXREL is then plugged into IOX-NFCREADERA (sold separately) and the 2-cavity connector is plugged into the white connector on the relay harness (see below).

The SPR-RELAYKIT circuit interrupt is performed using pins 30 and 87a (standard SPDT relay). This means that the relay is closed when at rest and the connection opens only when activated.


Relay Harness

Choosing the right relay

The SPR-RELAYKIT contains both a 12 V and a 24 V relay. Please ensure you select and install the correct relay for your vehicle based on the specific voltage indicated on the back of the relays. Most vehicles in North America use a 12 V relay, most cars and vans in Europe use a 12 V relay, and most trucks/heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) in Europe use a 24 V relay. There may be exceptions in both regions.

NOTE: For all installations of the Telematics Device/Driver ID relay combination, if at any point the vehicle does not start when it is expected to, a check-engine warning light illuminates on the vehicle dash or the vehicle has a marked drop in performance; then turn off the engine, remove the device, and have a licensed automotive electrician/mechanic familiar with the circuits involved inspect the installation.

Driver ID relay hardware

IOX-NFCREADERA has a junction box containing a two-pin connector. This is where the Driver ID Relay Harness adapter is plugged in. The Driver ID Relay harness adapter is included in the SPR-RELAYKIT.

The small black connector end of the adapter plugs into the IOX-NFCREADERA. The remaining white two-pin connector fits into the SPR-RELAYKIT. The fused wire coming from the adapter must be connected to a true ignition source (a true ignition source is live in the ON and START positions).


Settings in the web application

Prior to the installation, enable the relay option in the web application. To enable the relay option in the web application, follow the steps below:


Navigate to the web application database where the device is registered.


Select Vehicles, located in the navigation menu on the left.


Select your device.


Under the Driver feedback tab, set the Driver identification reminder option to On.


Click Save.

NOTE: The relay does not function if this feature is set to Off.

To control the relay remotely, or to use a Driver ID key to control the relay, use the three settings described below:


Select Vehicles, located in the navigation menu on the left.


Under the Device tab, click +More Details at the top of the webpage.


Scroll down to the Detailed Device Info section.


For Driver ID relay, choose one of the three options listed below:

Turn Driver ID Relay On — Activates the Driver ID Relay and overrides a Driver’s ID key.

Turn Driver ID Relay Off — Disables the Driver ID Relay and overrides a Driver’s ID key.

Use driver key to control Driver ID Relay — This option resets the Driver ID Relay settings to the default values. The External Relay is controlled by the Driver’s ID key, if the Driver Identification Reminder is enabled under the Driver Feedback tab.

NOTE: The above settings immediately take effect if the vehicle is currently connected to the service. Otherwise, the setting takes effect the next time the vehicle communicates with the service.

NOTE: The Driver ID Reminder feature will only work when the Use driver key to control Driver ID Relay option is selected.


Click Save.

Important Safety Information and Limitations of Use

For the latest version of Limitations of Use, please visit:

WARNING! Do not attempt to install, configure or remove any product from any vehicle while the vehicle is in motion or otherwise in operation. All installation, configuration or removal must be done only in stationary vehicles which are securely parked. Attempting to service units while being operated could result in malfunctions or accidents, leading to death or serious personal injury.

WARNING! All in-vehicle devices and related cabling must be securely fastened and kept clear of all vehicle controls, including gas, brake and clutch pedals. You must inspect devices and cabling on a regular basis to ensure all devices and cabling continue to be securely attached. Loose cabling or devices may impede the use of vehicle controls, resulting in unanticipated acceleration, braking or other loss of vehicle control, which could lead to death or serious personal injury. Improperly fastened in-vehicle devices may detach and impact operators upon sudden acceleration or deceleration, which may cause injury.

WARNING! If at any point after an in-vehicle device is installed a warning light illuminates on the vehicle dash or the vehicle stalls or has a marked drop in performance, shut off the engine, remove the device, and contact your reseller. Continuing to operate a vehicle with these symptoms can cause loss of vehicle control, and serious injury.

WARNING! Your in-vehicle devices must be kept clear of debris, water and other environmental contaminants. Failure to do so may result in units malfunctioning or short-circuiting that can lead to a fire hazard or vehicle damage or serious injury.

WARNING! Do not attempt to remove the devices from the vehicle in which they are originally installed for installation in another vehicle. Not all vehicles share compatibility, and doing so may result in unexpected interactions with your vehicle, including sudden loss of power or shutdown of the vehicle’s engine while in operation or cause your vehicle to operate poorly or erratically and cause death or serious injury and/or vehicle damage.

NOTICE: This product does not contain any user-serviceable parts. Configuration, servicing, and repairs must only be made by an authorized reseller or installer. Unauthorized servicing of these products will void your product warranty.