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An Experiment in the Analytics Lab Add-In

App Release: January 2020 Last document update: June 2022

API Explorer

An Experiment in Analytics Lab

What is the API Explorer?

API Explorer is an application that hosts numerous application programming interfaces (APIs) for a range of use cases. As a platform that is both part of and working in conjunction with Analytics Lab, it allows users to access pre-formulated codes for use cases like: intelligent zones, collision detection, service centers, rest stops, etc. The API Explorer application is one of the many available tools through Analytics Lab, now native in MyGeotab.

NOTE: Users on MyGeotab 2102 (or higher) version can access Analytics Lab from the ‘Dashboard & Analytics’ menu in the left navigation bar.

Why do you need it?

Coding from scratch can be troublesome and time-consuming, incorporating the API Explorer app helps users explore Geotab’s catalog of Beta APIs providing insight into what is being built, along with the types of data requests that are made.

The app’s user interface provides an easy and quick way to run APIs using their endpoints (provided as URL), along with request parameters, in the backend. In doing so, the API Explorer app provides essential endpoints through the URL for any users who are interested in referencing or customizing the pre-formulated codes for their specific use cases.

How does it work?

The API Explorer app leverages Geotab’s telematics data and is driven by intelligent data analytics. This app provides a user-friendly platform to send and receive data responses via a range of available APIs. The app runs the URL (API endpoints) in the backend, then the UI efficiently and accurately displays all the results the API calls. This application also provides the URL for any user who is interested in sending and receiving responses, using our APIs, on their respective systems.

! IMPORTANT: Although all fleet accounts are eligible to use the Analytics API Explorer app, some Government and Public Sector fleets may be unable to access it. For more information, Resellers can contact their Partner Account Manager, and Customers can reach out to Geotab Support through their standard communication channel.

How to Use the API Explorer App

Follow the steps below to explore through the Analytics API Explorer application and make data requests.

NOTE: For demonstration purposes, this document includes screenshots of the experiment utilizing an internal Geotab database.


Navigate to Analytics Lab available under Dashboard & Analytics section in the MyGeotab navigation bar.

NOTE: You must have Administrator security clearance to use the Analytics API Explorer App.


On clicking the Try It icon on the catalog page, the landing page of the app will appear.


Select a sample API from the catalog of APIs under API Request Input.

✱ NOTE: The available APIs are still in Beta, and may change or disappear without notice.


A description of what type of data the API tracks or extracts generates with an available URL to run the API on your system.

Or, instead of running the API through URL (endpoints), you can change the Request parameters, then click Send Request.

✱ NOTE: Each API includes the default values for the Request parameters. Users can customize the values based on their use case.


Once the request is successfully submitted, the results appear in the Response output panel.

NOTE: Users can make unlimited API calls using the application UI as they continue to analyze their fleet data. A URL is provided for users to send and receive responses for every API. Because these are API endpoints, they are not designed to be viewed with a browser.

API Documentation

There are 11 APIs in the Analytic API Explorer application. To learn more about each API, select from the following:

  1. Get Area of Operations [NEW]
  2. Get Safety Benchmarks
  3. Get Service Events
  4. Get New Zones
  5. Update Zoning Configuration
  6. Get Collision Events
  7. Get Contextual Risk
  8. Get Contextual Risk Benchmarks
  9. Get Average Speeds
  10. Get Nearby Rest Areas
  11. Get Nearby Fuel Stations
  12. Get OSM Ids
  13. Get Fuel Benchmarking Info [Experiment Deprecated]

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