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Nov 17, 2022

Geotab Integrated Solution for GM Data Set

Data Attribute

Name in MyGeotab UI

Device Plan: GM Premium,

GM Premium + DriverFeedback (Beta) (data is received every 2 minutes, with details for every 30 seconds)

GPS Location (lat, long)

GPS Coordinates

Ignition Status 1

Ignition 1

Odometer (from ECM)


Acceleration (m/s^2) 1 2

Acceleration forward or braking 1 2

Air Temperature 2

Outside air temperature 2

Battery Voltage 2

Telematics device voltage 2

Engine Coolant Temperature 2

Engine coolant temperature 2

Engine Run Time 2

Engine operational time 2

Engine Speed (RPM) 2

Engine speed 2

Fuel Amount 2

Fuel level (volume) 2

Fuel Capacity 2

Fuel tank capacity 2

Fuel Level Remaining (Percentage) 2

Fuel level (percentage) 2

GPS Speed (Speed)

Engine road speed

Idle Time (cumulative) 2

Total engine idle time 2

Lifetime Fuel Used 2

Total fuel used (since telematics device install) 2

Lifetime Fuel Economy 2

Average fuel economy 2

Oil Life Remaining (Percentage) 2

Engine oil life remaining 2

Seatbelt Status - Driver 1 2

Driver seat belt 1 2

Tire Pressure - Front Left 2

Tire pressure - front left 2

Tire Pressure - Front Right 2

Tire pressure - front right 2

Tire Pressure - Rear Left 2

Tire pressure - rear left 2

Tire Pressure - Rear Right 2

Tire pressure - rear right 2

Misc - Faults / DTCs 2

Corresponding Fault Code / DTC

Location Services Disabled Status (Location Masking) 3

Request GPS data record 3

Check Engine Light

Fault: General vehicle warning light is on

Accident Event (Fault) 1

ALERT: Accident limit for acceleration exceeded 1

Airbag Status 4

Telematics Device Fault - 181 (Airbag Deployed) 4


Rollover Status 4

Telematics Device Fault - 189 (Impact sensor - rollover severity achieved) 4


Pretensioners status 4

Telematics Device Fault - 183 (Impact sensor - frontal impact pretensioner severity achieved) 4


Generic state of charge [%]

Generic state of charge

Electric vehicle charging state

Electric vehicle charging state (0 = not charging / 1 = AC charging / 2 = DC charging)

Electric vehicle battery total energy in (during AC charging)

Electric vehicle battery total energy in during AC charging (since telematics device install)

Electric vehicle battery total energy in (during DC charging)

Electric vehicle battery total energy in during DC charging (since telematics device install)

HV battery voltage

HV battery voltage

Range remaining [Km]

Electric vehicle distance remaining

1. Data is reported on an event basis (triggered). Please refer to the Data description section below.

2. If vehicle model is one of the following, then data point is not guaranteed to be reported and if reported, it will be available only at the end of trip:


3. This data attribute indicates whether the location services have been disabled or masked from the vehicle. A value of -1 indicates that the location services have been disabled. A custom rule can be created to monitor location masking status. To enable the location service, please refer to this document.

4. This fault is only reported for vehicles which have active GM OnStar service ‘Automatic Crash Response’

Data Description

Accident Event

Reported if any of the below conditions is met:

  • The reported acceleration exceeds 2.6G
  • OnStar package AACR is enabled before activating Geotab service and GM detects an accident via vehicle sensors


Please note that the data is reported by calculating change of velocity as the device does not have an accelerometer sensor. Reporting logic for acceleration data:

  • Forward acceleration (Hard Acceleration): Reported only when acceleration is above 0.14G
  • Backward acceleration (Harsh Braking): Reported only when acceleration is below -0.14G

Ignition Status

  • 0 - Off
  • 1 - On
  • Reported only when the ignition state changes (event basis)

Seatbelt Status

  • 0 - Buckled
  • 1 - Unbuckled
  • Reported only when the seatbelt is buckled or unbuckled (event basis)

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