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Nov 28, 2022

Geotab Integrated Solution for Ford Vehicles Data Set

Data Attribute

Name in MyGeotab UI

Device Plan: Ford Premium (most data reported every 30 seconds)

Device Plan: Ford Basic

(data reported only at Ignition ON, OFF or after 24 hours of inactivity)

Ignition Status *

Ignition *

✔ (only at Ign ON / OFF)

GPS Location (lat, long)

GPS Coordinates

✔ (only at Ign ON / OFF)

Odometer (from ECM)


✔ (only at Ign ON / OFF)

Tire Pressure - Front Left

Tire pressure - front left

✔ (only at Ign ON / OFF)

Tire Pressure - Front Right

Tire pressure - front right

✔ (only at Ign ON / OFF)

Tire Pressure - Rear Left

Tire pressure - rear left

✔ (only at Ign ON / OFF)

Tire Pressure - Rear Right

Tire pressure - rear right

✔ (only at Ign ON / OFF)

Accident Event (Fault) *

ALERT: Accident limit for acceleration exceeded

✔ (on event)

Misc - Faults / DTCs

Corresponding Fault Code / DTC

✔ (on event)

Check Engine Light

Fault: General vehicle warning light is on

✔ (on event)

ABS Active Status

Generic ABS active

Acceleration (m/s^2) *

Acceleration forward or braking *

Acceleration side (m/s^2) *

Acceleration side to side *

Acceleration Pedal Position

Accelerator pedal position

Battery Voltage

Telematics device voltage

Brake Pedal Status

Brake pedal on

Engine Coolant Temperature

Engine coolant temperature

Engine Speed (RPM)

Engine speed

Engine Oil Temperature *

Engine oil temperature *

Fuel Level Remaining

Fuel level (percentage)

Total Fuel Used (Beta)

Total fuel used (since telematics device install)

Total Idle Fuel Used (Beta)

Total fuel used while idling (since telematics device install)

Gear Lever Position *

Gear position *

GPS Speed (Speed)

Engine road speed

Oil Life Remaining (Percentage)

Engine oil life remaining

Passenger Occupancy Status

Passenger occupancy

Seatbelt Status - Passenger *

Passenger seatbelt violation *

Seatbelt Status - Driver *

Driver seat belt *

Total Engine Time / Engine hours *

Engine operational time *

Total Engine Idle Time / Idle Engine hours *

Total engine idle time *

Traction Control Status *

Traction control system enabled *

EV Data Signals

EV Data Signals

Coming Soon

* Data reporting varies. Please refer to the Data description section below.

Data Description

Accident Event

Reported if any of the below conditions is met:

  • The reported acceleration exceeds 2.6G
  • Ford detects an accident via vehicle sensors


  • Forward acceleration (Hard Acceleration): Reported every 30 seconds and also when acceleration remains above 0.41G (4 m/s^2) for 2 seconds
  • Backward acceleration (Harsh Braking): Reported every 30 seconds and also when acceleration remains below -0.31G (3 m/s^2) for 2 seconds
  • Side to side acceleration (Harsh Cornering): Reported every 30 seconds and also accompanied when harsh braking or acceleration event occurs

ABS Active Status

  • 0 - Off
  • 1 - On

Brake Pedal Status

  • 0 - Off
  • 1 - On

Gear Position

This data point is available only on vehicles with automatic transmission.

  • Negative Numbers - REVERSE Gears
  • Positive Numbers - FORWARD Gears
  • 0 - NEUTRAL
  • 126 - PARK
  • 127 - DRIVE
  • Reported on gear changes (event basis)

Engine Oil Temperature

This data point is available only on select vehicles fitted with an engine oil temperature sensor

Ignition Status

  • 0 - Off
  • 1 - On
  • Reported only when the ignition state changes (event basis)

Passenger Occupancy Status

  • 0 - Unoccupied
  • 1 - Occupied

Road Speed

  • Reported every 30 seconds
  • Also reported whenever vehicle speed is greater than 137 kph for 10s or more

Seat belt Status

  • 0 - Buckled
  • 1 - Unbuckled
  • Reported every 30 seconds and also when the seatbelt is unbuckled when vehicle has been moving at 5 kmph for 3 seconds

Traction Control Status

  • 0 - Off
  • 1 - On

Total Fuel Used

  • Reported at the end of trip
  • Calculated from the day device was activated

Total Engine Time / Total Engine Idle Time / Traction Control Status

  • Data reported on occurrence of ignition off and only on select Trucks / Commercial models:


F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450

F-550, F-650, F-750

Explorer U625 S2 Police

Fusion CD391N M2 Police

Continental D544 M3.1 Livery

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