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Digital tachograph remote company card server

The Digital Tachograph Remote Company Card Server software, also known as DTCO-RCS, is a critical part of the automatic remote download system that connects company cards to the tachograph. Each time you download a new file, the tachograph is required to connect to the company card to access the file. Once the DTCO-RCS is installed and the company card is connected, the system must be left on at all times in order to facilitate this access.

This document describes how to install and configure the DTCO-RCS.

System requirements

The computer must remain powered on at all times and must have:

  • Windows or Windows Server OS (with support for .NET Framework 3.5), or Linux OS (version 4.6.2 or later for mono, 6.2 or later for ncurses)
  • An available USB port
  • 24/7 internet connection
  • A supported card reader to connect the company card to the computer. See the next section for more information

NOTE: The application can run on Linux with or without a graphical user interface. DTCO-RCS is Mono compatible, please refer to for more information. To install the program on this platform, please contact your internal IT department.

Supported card readers

The DTCO-RCS software supports several card reader models, but not all card readers are compatible with tachograph cards. Card readers that support ISO 7816 are compatible with the remote download system. In these cases, you can purchase a supported card reader from your Partner.

Multiple card readers

The DTCO-RCS software is compatible also with multiple card readers, even if only one card reader is required per company. Multiple card readers may be useful in situations where the fleet manager manages several different fleets, or manages a very large fleet. Windows has a limit of 10 card readers, while Linux supports up to 254 (USB limitations can reduce this limit).

Rack card readers

The DTCO-RCS software allows you to host several company cards through a Rack Card Reader. This is recommended for situations where the Partner wants to manage several fleets of different customers in one location. Compatible rack card readers include the Hyper Card Rack family by Lisle Design. Please contact your Partner for more information.

NOTE: The slot position of each company card in the card rack reader cannot be changed once they are detected.

Card reader installation

Windows XP: Card reader drivers must be installed manually. Download the corresponding driver, unzip it and follow the installation instructions. After driver installation, connect the reader to your PC.

Contact your Partner if you need card reader drivers for Windows XP.

Windows Vista/7/8/10: Manual installation of card reader drivers is not necessary. When inserting a card in the card reader, an error message indicates it is not possible to install the device. This Plug & Play service for intelligent cards is not necessary and can be disabled.

DTCO-RCS software installation

Download the application installer here and then run the dtco-rcs.msi installer. In Windows Vista/7/8/10, click Accept when Windows requests administrator permissions. You do not need to restart the computer once installation is complete.

Both the DTCO-RCS user interface and service will be installed. The service is responsible for managing the card reader and company/driver cards connected to the computer, while the user interface allows the user to change the configuration and visualize the status. It is not necessary to have the user interface visible.

DTCO-RCS can be configured in 2 modes; basic mode using tokens and advanced mode using a service account.

Basic mode configuration

In basic mode, you only need to install the application, connect a card reader, and insert company cards. The application immediately shows the list of inserted cards. Click a card to see more information.

DTCO-RCS can be used to manage one or more company cards, either for the same company (duplicates), or for different companies. This means that multiple cards can be connected simultaneously to perform all the downloads for all your fleets. DTCO-RCS supports multiple card readers connected at the same time.

If it’s the first time a card is connected, the application will request a token. The token is used to assign the company card to a specific client’s database. The token is available in the Tachograph module of the Fleet Management Application. Navigate to Files > Status and then click Settings at the top right. The token is listed in the RDL address text field. Note that the token is an email address, meaning it can also be used to send emails with tachograph or driver files attached, which are then automatically uploaded to the system.

Once you obtain the token, use it to assign the new company card to this specific client’s database. Note that in Basic mode configuration, you do not need to enter username and password. To assign cards, click Configuration at the bottom left:

Select the reader where you have inserted the card and then enter the token you copied earlier:

Once the card has been assigned, you can view the company card information. Repeat this action for each reader you have connected, assigning the correct token in each case.

! IMPORTANT: If you add an incorrect token to a card, please contact your Partner.

NOTE: The company card information will not be updated until the first tachograph or driver download is performed. Until then, the card will show as Connected but there will be no valid ID or Date of Expiry.

! IMPORTANT: The company card must always be inserted in the reader so that remote downloads can be performed.

Advanced mode configuration

When using Advanced mode, you use a special account (requiring a username and password, unlike Basic mode) to link DTCO-RCS to a client’s database. To obtain an account for Advanced mode, contact your Partner and use the provided credentials to configure your DTCO-RCS account by clicking Configuration at the bottom left.

NOTE: It is always recommended to use the basic configuration (token based configuration)

Once DTCO-RCS is configured, it will assign each company card to the client’s database:

NOTE: The company card information will not be updated until the first tachograph or driver download is performed. Until then, the card will show as Connected but there will be no valid ID or Date of Expiry.

! IMPORTANT: The company card must always be inserted in the reader so that remote downloads can be performed.


Service/server error: The DTCO-RCS service may conflict with your antivirus and firewall. If after installing the DTCO-RCS, the Status indicates there is a problem with the service, try disabling or uninstalling your antivirus software. DTCO-RCS will open a connection to our servers at TCP port 905.

No reader present: The card reader is not working correctly. Check that the reader is connected to your PC and that the appropriate drivers are installed. If the problem persists, the reader may not be compatible with tachograph cards. Contact Support for further assistance.

No card present: The card is not inserted properly or there is an issue with the reader.

Card not assigned: If you have several databases, you must assign each card to a database when inserting it for the first time. Failure to do so will result in this error.

Card has expired: Your card has expired and you must renew it.

Connecting a replacement company card: Your card has expired and you have received a replacement. Go through the steps described in Basic mode configuration to assign a token to your newly received replacement card.

Invalid user/password: Re-enter your username and password and click Save (Advanced Mode only).

Local downloads

NOTE: This feature is only available when using Advanced mode.

To automatically save remotely downloaded files to your computer, select the Activate and download checkbox in the Configuration Settings:

The program will make a copy of all vehicle and driver downloads in your system from the selected date. If you want to download files from a specific date, select that date from the dropdown menu.

All files will be synchronized in the default path C:\DTCO_Files, within a subfolder named after each client’s database. If you have multiple clients, there will be multiple subfolders. For example, client ABCCompany’s database will be saved in C:\DTCO_Files\ABCCompany\.

Each database folder contains two subfolders where you can find all your downloaded files. The DRV folder contains all driver file downloads, and the VEH folder contains all tachograph file downloads.

Manual downloads

NOTE: This feature is only available when using Advanced mode.

The manual download feature allows for the coexistence of manually and remotely downloaded files.

When you copy a manually downloaded file to a database folder located in your computer, DTCO-RCS will automatically upload it to the server, and will recalculate the future automatic downloads if necessary. These downloads are identified as PC in the IOX-UREADER solution.

You can also send files as email attachments using your own mail manager to the address specified in the Tachograph section. Go to Files > Status, click the Settings icon (1), and enter an email address in the RDL address text field.