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Understanding Keyless Monitor

Keyless Monitor is a MyGeotab Add-In enabling Integrators, Partners, and Customers to configure, control, and monitor Geotab Keyless hardware.

Keyless Monitor, available only to MyGeotab Administrator users, allows you to send commands – such as lock and unlock – to vehicles remotely, configure Tenant access to the Keyless Service and NFC Key Fobs, as well as see the Keyless status data and feedback.

Installation and Setup

There are two ways to install the Keyless Monitor:


Install the Keyless Monitor Add-In directly from the Geotab Marketplace:

Manual installation using a config file

Consult How to install/add an add-in manually into a MyGeotab database and use the following config file text:


"url": ""


Setup: Keyless Tenant Configuration

NOTE: Only users with Security clearance ‘Administrator’ are permitted to access and interact with Keyless Monitor. Additionally, users with a Sub-Clearance of ‘Administrator’ will not be permitted.

If you run the Add-In for the first time, it will automatically check if there is a Keyless Tenant, which is your database’s access to the Keyless Service, already configured for the database. A Keyless Tenant is a setup which is made for each database, which enables Keyless functionality to occur.

If the Tenant is not found, you will be prompted to create and configure one:

In order to create a new Keyless Tenant, you need to perform following steps:


Navigate to Administration > Users from the main menu.


Create a new user with the Administrator clearance


Start the Keyless Monitor Add-In and fill in the credentials of the freshly created user for the service user account.


If you are using NFC for vehicle access: You have the checkbox option Enable Vehicle Access Event Notifications (Webhooks). This will allow you to receive notifications using webhooks when using the NFC Tap And Go (Online Access). This functionality is currently only recommended if NFC access is being used for Keyless. If it is not, leave this checkbox unmarked.

Keyless Monitor Functions

See a Vehicle’s Keyless Device Status Information

Select a device using the dropdown element on the right side of the page:

Once selected, there will be a Keyless device check performed in the background, checking following points:

  • Vehicle state (ignition, driving state)
  • Device serial number and GO firmware version
  • IOX-KEYLESS / IOX-KEYBOX hardware versions
  • Continuous Connect Parameter
  • Device public keys
    • Public key is mandatory for the Keyless to work.
    • If there is a wrong public key on the device, it will be marked red.
  • Device rate plan
  • Last keyless activity (here we check the timestamp of the last keyless command executed)

Keyless Readiness Check: Success or Fail

The following checks are made to assess that the vehicle is ready to successful use Keyless:

  • The device’s serial number and GO firmware version are correct for Keyless. A GO9 or newer device is required.
  • The device’s rate plan is correct. The rate plan needs to be ProPlus+Keyless.
  • The device has at least one public key, which correctly belongs to this database’s Keyless Tenant. Public keys are automatically synchronized to a device by the Geotab Keyless Service. In order to send a key, the ‘Send Keys’ button can be used under ‘Advanced Options’. See Send Keys for more information.

If any of the success criteria were not met, warning messages will be displayed towards resolving the problem:

Send Remote (over the air) Commands

Select a device using the dropdown element on the right side of the page:

It is possible to send following Keyless commands remotely:

  • Locate: Honk the horn and/or flash the lights, in order to guide the Driver to the correct vehicle.
  • Lock: Lock all doors
  • Unlock: Unlock all doors
  • Starter Enable: Enable push button start capability on the vehicle, by powering the key fob. If a starter inhibitor is optionally installed, by this same command, the relay coil will activate, closing the original circuit and allowing the vehicle to start.
  • Starter Inhibit: Disable push button start capability on the vehicle, by powering off the key fob. If a starter inhibitor is optionally installed, by this same command, the relay coil will de-activate, opening the original circuit, preventing the vehicle from starting. Note: This command will not succeed if vehicle ignition is detected to be on.
  • For Keyless + Shared Mobility Integration Partner implementations (not Keyless Lite):
    • Reset: Reset the state of the vehicle (reservation state) so it can accept new reservations

Additionally, the following IOX-KEYBOX Keyless Hardware commands are supported, typically to retrieve a hybrid fob - bladed key, when it is needed to start the ignition.

  • Locate Keybox: Activates the buzzer to locate the Keybox inside the vehicle..
  • Unlock Keybox: Unlock the IOX-KEYBOX FOB tray.
  • Lock Keybox: Lock the IOX-KEYBOX FOB tray.

NOTE: Remote commands are being sent using the Geotab Keyless Service and will only be successful if the vehicle is in a location with mobile network data connectivity.

NOTE: For when reservations are being used via Keyless + Mobility Integration Partner (not applicable to Keyless Lite Solution users), remote commands don’t require a valid reservation (or ‘virtual key’) and can be always sent to the device.

Keyless Command Responses: See Feedback

Every keyless action will result in a feedback, which you can see in the Keyless Monitor. Choose the time range and press the Load List button:

Keyless Live Monitor

It is possible to start the device live monitoring by pressing the Start Live Monitor button. In this case every 5 seconds all the Keyless data will be pulled from MyGeotab and displayed on the main page.

Live Monitor can be stopped by pressing the Stop Live Monitor button.

Advanced Options

Some advanced features / options for integrators mostly - e.g. to send a special key fob configuration to a Tesla vehicle.

Tenant Check

This function will allow you to check the current tenant configuration. An example configuration will look like this:

{ { "database": "testdatabase", "server": "", "serviceAccount": { "username": "" }, "isNotificationEnabled": true } Tenant Keys: C83FF576, - }

The configuration is read-only and can be only modified via the Geotab Keyless Service.

Send Keys

In order to be able to execute Keyless commands via Bluetooth you need to have a public key, which is being sent automatically by the Keyless Service to your device. If you need to update the public key or you don’t want to wait until the keys are automatically synchronized, you can always send the Tenant public key to your device manually.

Indefinite Starter Enable

This command mimics the use of the IgnitionEnable Operation with a use of the UseMaximumMobilizationTimeout privilege. Upon reception, the GO places the keyfob in an ON state for 10 minutes or until an IgnitionInhibit Operation is received, and places the relay onboard the IOX-KEYLESS in an ON state indefinitely or until an IgnitionInhibit Operation is received.

This command can be only used in conjunction with a bladed-key vehicle. The common use case is where a customer rents the vehicle for a long period of time and doesn’t want to use the mobile app to open / close the vehicle, since he has got the physical key fob.

NOTE: It is not recommended to send a IgnitionEnable command after the IndefiniteStarterEnable command as it will invalidate the IndefnitieStarterEnable, resulting in the keyfob being placed in a power OFF state after 10 minutes of vehicle inactivity.

Sending a IgnitionEnable+ IndefiniteStarterEnable Operations in the same command is NOT supported

Sending a IgnitionInhibit+ IndefiniteStarterEnable Operation in the same command is NOT supported

Key Fob Configuration

Certain vehicles require a special key fob configuration, which needs to be sent once using the Keyless Monitor. Select the Advanced Options checkbox, then select one of the following for setting configurations:

  • Default configuration
  • Tesla Model S/X (2015+)
  • Tesla Model 3/Y (2018+)
  • Extended Lock configuration (Button pulse duration extended to 5000ms)
  • Lock-Unlock-Inverted configuration (Lock and Unlock commands are inverted, mostly due to wrong wiring of the key fob)
  • Swap-Trunk-Lock configuration (Trunk and Lock commands are inverted, mostly due to wrong wiring of the key fob)

NOTE: There are additional configurations available for Geotab support department engineers.

The option to send these via the Keyless Monitor Add-In is enabled by selecting the Advanced Options checkbox, then selecting the correct option for the customer’s Tesla model:

  • Tesla Model 3/Y (2018+)
  • Tesla Model X/S (2015+)