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July 2022

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(Compatible with GO9)

The IOX-UREADER is the interface between the Geotab GO device and the tachograph, allowing the GO device to read and download real-time digital-tachograph data.


Tachograph connection harness. Cable for the connection of IOX-UREADER to the rear of the tachograph for tachograph files download and real time information (including driver ID and Status).

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Getting started: planning and preparation

Solution overview

The Geotab Truck Solution includes a Remote Download System for Tachographs in the European market, seamlessly integrated with the Geotab Telematics solution. With automatic remote downloading, driver and vehicle information is updated in real-time, eliminating the need for manual management of information. Set email notifications to be alerted about expiring company or driver cards and expiry of legal download periods.

All information is downloaded in accordance with European regulations and safely stored for a period of at least two years. File access is easy and fast, simplifying the process of accessing your information when needed.

The Geotab Truck Solution also includes a contactless connection to provide engine data if the vehicle’s OBDII connection provides only limited data, or if the FMS-Standard port is not enabled.

All information regarding the Geotab Truck Solution is available in this presentation: Geotab Truck Solution - Product Overview.

Before getting started:

Assumptions and constraints

The following information may help to answer some common questions about the Geotab Truck Solution:

  1. Device installation must be done by a qualified installer.
  2. Once installed, the device does not require reviews or periodic maintenance. If needed, upgrades and configuration can be done remotely.
  3. The solution is compatible with all digital tachograph brands.*
  4. Downloads are automatically scheduled to avoid oversights or delays and all information is kept in backup, as required by law.
  5. Data transfer is over-the-air (OTA) and files can be downloaded in all available formats: DDD, TGD and V1B/C1B.

NOTE: Tachographs must support remote download: Stoneridge v7 or later, VDO version 1.3a or later, Actia Smartach Remote types, EFAS-4 version 2.00–2.15 or later. Some VDO tachographs require an additional cable and an upgrade card to activate frontal remote download.

Requirements and prerequisites

  1. GO Device: The GO device is the gateway for all OTA communications.
  2. IOX-UREADER: The IOX-UREADER is the interface between Geotab GO and the tachograph. It also includes a contactless connection with the vehicle CAN Bus line for engine data. It is responsible for detecting some real-time information.
  3. Tachograph: Digital tachographs are mandatory for heavy vehicles as part of regulations in the European Union. Tachograph and driver data must also be downloaded periodically to ensure compliance. Remote download was introduced in 2009, simplifying the time and costs to complete this task.

Documentation and support

Refer to the Product Guide for helpful user information and points of contact.

Hardware installation

The IOX-UREADER Installation Guide contains hardware specifications and installation instructions.

Installing the company card server (DTCO-RCS)

The Geotab Tachograph DTCO-RCS software allows automatic download of driver and vehicle information by connecting the company card to the digital tachograph remotely. The DTCO-RCS Installation Guide outlines the installation process and configuration of the Remote Company Card Server for the Digital Tachograph.

Installing the Geotab tachograph Add-in

The Partner should configure the Add-in in each database. The Add-In Configuration Guide outlines the installation process.

Using the Geotab tachograph add-in

The User Guide explains how to use the Geotab Tachograph Add-In.

Third-party integration (API)

The Geotab Truck Solution has a dedicated API document that explains how it is possible to integrate the solution with an external system. The document includes a comprehensive dataset of REST-API for advanced integration purposes.


Service levels

For any issues related to Geotab devices, or the MyGeotab platform, the Partner must open a ticket in MyAdmin to receive help from Geotab Support. Examples of tickets can include basic customer issues and in-depth technical support relating to truck-specific topics.

The following descriptions may help you understand the types of assistance Geotab Support provides.

Basic customer issues

Basic customer issues include questions regarding Geotab Truck Solution features and functionalities; Partner training sessions; and support for hardware installations, Add-In activations and other software issues. Many basic customer issues can be solved using the solutions found in the FAQ section of this guide or the FAQ section of the Tachograph User Guide.

In-depth technical support

In-depth technical support focuses on issues such as resolutions to more complex hardware installations and activation issues, as well as specific issues in Geotab Tachograph modules such as RDL, TAC or AFA services provisioning.

Escalation support

Partners should contact Geotab to open a ticket in MyAdmin for escalation issues such as global operational failures or issues in truck communications that cannot be resolved through standard troubleshooting steps.


You can find additional helpful resources in the EU Truck folder.


This section includes Partner specific questions. You can find end user questions on the Tachograph User Guide.

Please visit the KCS community for other information or reach out to your contact for any questions.

What is the Geotab Truck Solution?

The Geotab European Truck Solution provides the opportunity to serve a wide range of fleet needs with ease and efficiency across Customer segments. This is a flexible custom package that offers solutions and benefits when used with the Geotab GO device, and allows Customers to access data in one compact location: MyGeotab. The principal component of the package is the Geotab Tachograph solution, composed of a dedicated Add-In ("RDL" for Remote Download, "TAC" for Real Time Information and "AFA" for Infringement Analysis) and other features available in MyGeotab (Driver ID, Driver Status etc.). The Geotab Truck Solution also has a contactless connection to the CAN Bus line of the vehicle to read engine data if the vehicle’s OBDII connection provides only limited data, or if the FMS-Standard port is not enabled.

What kind of data does the Geotab Tachograph provide?

The solution includes some real-time information available in MyGeotab, and an Add-In which includes three modules:

  1. RDL, the tachograph download, compliant with legal requirements from the EU;
  2. TAC, the driving and rest time for real-time status information and its corresponding report; and
  3. AFA, an analysis-based infraction detection tool to identify potential infringements in the tachograph files.

The Remote Downloading System (RDL module) for tachographs in the European market provides automatic remote downloading of all information, updated in real time, and eliminates the need for manual management of driver and vehicle information. This module also allows you to set email alerts for expiring company or driver cards, expiring legal downloading periods and more.

Real-time driver status (TAC module) is a dedicated report for driving and rest activities, in compliance with European requirements. All real-time data can be organized in reports for daily, weekly and bi-weekly periods, and can be used to examine markers such as effective work, country of origin or kilometers per day. This information provides an easy and effective way to manage drivers and vehicle planning.

The Infraction Analysis module (AFA module) provides access to a deep analysis of infringement detection, such as driving time infringements and incorrect manual entries. This feature provides full compliance with European requirements.

The Geotab Tachograph is designed to comply with all European data regulations and requirements.

How does the Geotab Tachograph work? What is included in the hardware?

The Geotab Tachograph works using a combination of products: the GO device (GO9 or later), IOX-UREADER and Tachograph Connection Harness (HRN-URTACHO).

The hardware is composed of:

  1. IOX-UREADER (hardware gateway); and
  2. HRN-URTACHO, a dedicated harness for connection to the rear of the tachograph.

In the vehicle, the IOX-UREADER is connected to both the GO Device and to the digital tachograph. This allows the GO device to read data and send it to MyGeotab.

For automatic download of driver and vehicle information, the company card must be inserted into the card reader. Information is downloaded periodically and automatically, in compliance with Regulation EC 3821-85 (M16) dated 10 June 2013.

Is the product warranty the same as that of the GO device?

No. The warranty for Geotab Tachograph products follows the conditions in your Rate Plan or specific Partner agreement.

Is a professional installation required?

Yes. You are required to use certified installers or workshops to avoid issues when installing your devices. Professional installation provides sufficient technical knowledge and expertise for mobile device installation and integration in modern vehicles.

Can all digital tachographs be adapted to digitally download the information?

No. There are certain restrictions according to the manufacturer:

  1. Stoneridge: All models after and including version 7.
  2. Siemens/VDO: All models after and including version 1.3.
  3. Actia: All models that include the word "Remote" or have a reference number greater than or equal to 921872.
  4. EFAS: All models since model EFAS-4 with version 2.00–2.15 and higher.

If you are still unsure, you can check the Compatibility Check Tool or reach out to your Geotab contact.

Can analog tachograph data be downloaded remotely?

No. The analogical tachograph data is recorded in a paper chart and is therefore unable to be shared remotely.

Once I've installed Geotab tachograph hardware and software, is there anything else I must do to begin automatic downloading?

No. Simply ensure that your company card is connected to the card reader, and that the computer you are using for information verification is not turned off at any time. Downloading will begin automatically.

Once I've installed Geotab tachograph hardware and software, can I still download information manually?


Can the digital tachograph data be downloaded manually or remotely without the company card?

No. The company card must always be inserted in the card reader for authentication purposes. The company card needs to be inserted in the card reader linked to the DTCO-RCS software.

Can I download information from the digital tachograph remotely, even when the vehicle is several thousand kilometers away from the office or where the connected business card is located?

Yes. Our new, innovative equipment allows remote downloading of tachographs anywhere in Europe.

Who is responsible for the information contained in the digital tachograph?

Tachograph information is the responsibility of the company or person holding or leasing the vehicle. The tachograph retains the information on vehicle and driver cards for 365 days. This information is also stored on our cloud servers, eliminating the risk of data loss due to accident or damage.

Before an inspection, what files do I have to deliver?

According to the current regulations, you must provide all vehicle files indicated in the inspection, as well as all driver files with activity in any of the vehicles during the indicated period. Use the Inspections view to calculate the minimum required files.

Can I view all the driver’s vehicle information?

Yes. This information can be found on our platform.

How much is the average data consumption (Mb/month) per vehicle, requiring remote download?

The Geotab Tachograph requires around 5Mb/month per vehicle to transfer tachograph and driver files, depending on the frequency of the download.

What are the limitations of the system?

There are no technical limitations of the system. For example, if a company with a fleet of vehicles with tachograph needs to download data every day for its vehicles or drivers, the system can accommodate one or more company cards connected to help increase the frequency of downloads at the cost of consuming much more data. For any other information, please reach out to your Geotab contact.

Can blocks be activated/deactivated in the M-file? Is it possible to download detailed speed profiles?

All blocks, called TREPs, are downloaded and it is not possible to deactivate any of them. Detailed speed (TREP4) is available in all downloaded tachograph files. There are five types of TREP available in the tachograph files:

  1. Overview (TREP 1): Includes data such as vehicle ID, last VU download and by which type of card.
  2. Activities (TREP 2): All tachograph recordable actions performed in the use of the vehicle by a driver or other card holder. Does not include faults.
  3. Events and faults (TREP 3): All faults recorded on the tachograph including overspeeds, power interruptions and time adjustments.
  4. Detailed speed (TREP 4): Vehicle speed is recorded every second the vehicle is moving. There is a limit of 24 hours of data.
  5. Technical data (TREP 5): Details relating to the vehicle unit identity, software version and calibration.

What are the minimum hardware requirements for the DTCO-RCS?

The minimum hardware requirements are a Linux/Windows machine with USB capabilities and a stable Internet connection. For information regarding the DTCO-RCS compatibility, please see the DTCO-RCS Installation Guide.

How many company cards are supported per single DTCO-RCS?

The solution supports 10 company cards on Windows and up to 254 company cards on Linux. The numbers can vary depending on your hardware configuration. For specific details, please see the DTCO-RCS Installation Guide or reach out to your Geotab contact.

Are the Card Racks supported by DTCO-RCS? If yes, does this include a different version?

Yes, the DTCO-RCS software supports Card rack readers, particularly important to offer hosting service. The DTCO-RCS software supports the HyperCard Rack family by LisleDesign. For a proper use under this configuration, please reach out to your Geotab contact for all instructions.

Which ports are required by DTCO-RCS?

The DTCO-RCS opens a connection to our servers at ports 905 TCP.

Which communication protocol uses DTCO-RCS?

A proprietary protocol.

Is the DTCO-RCS communication encrypted?

Yes. It uses an RC4 pre-shared key.

Which are the server URLs that DTCO-RCS connects to in case a firewall is present on the client side to approve them?

The DTCO-RCS connects to communication servers via port 905 and its URLs are: and

Can I get a local copy of the files?

Yes. You can use the API to create a service to automatically download new files, or you can use the DTCO-RCS local download feature (advanced mode only). Please reach out to your Geotab contact for more details.

Can I upload manually downloaded files?

Yes. If you have previously downloaded files, or if you have downloaded files with other tools, you can upload them using the Add-In, by sending them to the RDL address or by using the DTCO-RCS Manual downloads feature (advanced mode only).

Can I modify the interval frequency period for the tachograph files download?

Yes, by accessing the settings view on the Status page of the RDL module. You can change the frequency following the minimum set-up available (based on the rate plan) reported in the dedicated field notification, as shown below:

Tachograph Features


EU Regulatory



Remote Download (RDL)

🠒 Frequency: Drive/Vehicle

15/30 days

1/7 days

1/1 day

1/1 day

When an automatic download period is modified, when does the change take effect?

For both drivers and vehicles, any changes made to the automatic download period are applied after the next completed download.