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Aug 16, 2022

Understanding Offline Mode

! IMPORTANT: If you encounter any issues while using this feature, we ask that you report them to Geotab Support. We work hard to improve our products, and your feedback is essential to us!

The Geotab Drive App is designed to work offline in order to provide maximum access to vehicle data. After the initial login, the App continuously receives updates from the MyGeotab server, using cellular networks to convey data and maintain Duty Status Logs.

In areas where cellular coverage is poor or non-existent, the GO device stores all recorded data, together with date and time information, in its internal memory. When the vehicle enters an area with cellular coverage, the GO device transmits the stored data to the server. From there, the server coordinates the data and sends the missing information back to the Drive app, ensuring that the driver’s logs are consistent and complete.

When out of cellular coverage, the App can still be used to access all logs up to the point where the vehicle moved out of the coverage area, and can still be shown to law enforcement.

This feature is available for devices on Regulatory and higher plans.


In cases where drivers need access to their full Duty Status Logs regardless of cellular coverage, an IOX-USB cable can be used in conjunction with an Android device to transfer data directly from the GO device to the Drive App. This solution is designed to prevent gaps from appearing on Duty Status Logs while drivers are out of cellular coverage.

When the IOX-USB cable is connected, the data sent from the GO device is used to create automatic Duty Status Logs on the Drive app. These logs appear as temporary logs until the vehicle re-enters cellular coverage and the data can be transmitted back to the MyGeotab server for processing. At that point, the server sends the coordinated logs back to the Drive app as usual, and the temporary logs are deleted.

Hardware Requirements

  • Android mobile device,
  • GO device,
  • IOX-USB cable,
  • Micro USB cable, and
  • Client cradle.

NOTE: Due to the restrictive nature of iOS, the IOX-USB cable is only supported by Android devices.

Software Requirements

  • Geotab Drive app Version 4.1.5 or higher
  • Geotab server Version 1902 or higher


CAUTION! Prior to installing the IOX-USB, read and follow the telematics device installation instructions here to verify any existing GO device installation is correct, and that you are qualified to complete the IOX-USB installation. Incorrect installation of either the GO device, and/or IOX-USB can result in loss of vehicle control and serious injury.

You will need to use an IOX-USB cable to connect your GO device to the Android device. To install the IOX-USB correctly to the GO device, follow the instructions in the IOX-USB document.

To set up the Android device with the IOX-USB and GO device, follow the instructions or refer to the illustration below:

  1. Plug the micro USB from the IOX-USB cable into the GO device.
  2. Plug the USB-A male of the micro USB cable from the Android device into the USB-A female of the IOX-USB cable.
  3. Plug the micro USB from the charging cable into the Android device.

NOTE: The Android device is also powered by the IOX-USB.

Using Offline Mode

The Android device is powered by the GO device through the IOX-USB cable. When you open the Drive app after installing the IOX cable between the two units, you are prompted to allow the Drive App to access the USB accessory. Select OK to approve the access.

! IMPORTANT: Selecting Cancel will cause the IOX cable to go unrecognized in the Drive App. You will not be able to access the prompt again to select OK at a later time.

There are two ways to test your connection in Offline Mode.

  • First, put your device into Airplane Mode. If the connection to the telematics device remains, Offline Mode has been successfully activated. If the connection has been lost, you will receive a Vehicle disconnected warning.
  • Second, unplug the IOX while the device is in Airplane Mode. If you receive the Telematics cable unplugged warning, Offline Mode has been successfully activated. Reconnect your IOX cable for service.

! IMPORTANT: In order to log out of the application, you must have cellular coverage. Logging out while in Offline Mode will result in the application failing to log out.

2001 Release Updates

After the IOX-USB is set up, you have the option to enable or disable IOX-USB functionality in MyGeotab. By default, the IOX-USB functionality is enabled. To enable or disable the IOX-USB, follow the steps below:

  1. In MyGeotab, navigate to the Vehicles page.
  2. On the Vehicles page, use the search field to search for the desired vehicle.
  3. Select the vehicle from the list.
  4. On the Vehicle Edit page, select the Device tab.
  5. For Enable USB data transfer, toggle On or Off as needed.

NOTE: This feature was added in the 2001 release.

After Initial Setup

After the initial setup, when the IOX-USB is already connected, the Drive App skips the vehicle selection process and automatically assigns the connected vehicle to you. Upon successful assignment, the App displays a green popup notification message.

If you are assigned to a vehicle but connect an IOX-USB with a different telematics device, you are assigned to the vehicle connected via IOX-USB. If you are already assigned to a vehicle that is also connected to an IOX-USB, no message is displayed.

NOTE: When you are logged into the Drive App and lose network connectivity, the vehicle will not be automatically assigned if you connect an IOX-USB.

Known Issues

The following is a list of known issues:

  • The permissions prompt does not remember your previous selections. Selecting the option to remember your preferences does not work.
  • If you do not accept the prompt for permissions, the prompt remains inaccessible until you have closed and opened the application. Unplugging and replugging the IOX will not solve the issue.
  • If the screen goes to sleep or if you turn the screen off, the IOX is considered disconnected.
  • The Garmin 790 is not currently supported while using the tethered solution.
  • Malfunctions and Diagnostics are not currently supported via IOX-USB.

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