Implementation Guide

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Sep 21, 2022

Drive App Compliance & Implementation Checklist

This checklist is a reference only and is not to replace the Compliance Guide, please refer to the Compliance & Implementation Guide for each section for instructions.

Hardware Setup

  • Obtain a mobile device running Android (4.4 or above) or Apple (6.0 or above)
  • Install Geotab Drive on the mobile device and ensure the appropriate settings are enabled as listed in the Android & iOS setup
  • Enable Automatic date & time on mobile device
  • Ensure there’s a method to charge the mobile device in the cab (ie. IOX-USB or other means)
  • Optional: Install MDM (Mobile Device Management) software, or remote access software (e.g. Teamviewer, Soti, Airwatch, etc.)

Company Setup

  • System Settings: Fill out Company information for compliance
  • Set the Maximum personal conveyance distance as desired

Vehicle Setup

  • Add the vehicle to the database
  • Go on a few trips so that the ELD Device is able to pick up engine data like ODO
  • Populate the ODO field with wants displayed on the vehicle dash
  • Fill out license plate, state/ province for compliance

User/Driver Setup

For each driver, do the following:

  • User Tab: Set user email, name, clearance, and groups as necessary
  • Driver Tab: Set the user as a driver and fill out the Driver’s License information
  • UI Settings: Set timezone to the same as the home terminal
  • Map Settings: Select the default map type, view, and zone display
  • HOS Settings: Select the ruleset, fill out Home Terminal, Carrier Number and Authority information for compliance

Note: Do not use any User Timeout options for HOS Users

Driver Deployment

  • Demonstrate how to use Geotab Drive to the drivers
  • Review videos for Hours of Service Overview and Driver Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Have the drivers take the Quiz
  • Mandatory: The Driver’s Guide to Data Transfer at Roadside Inspection, Data Diagnostic & Malfunctions Guide & Driver's Guide to the Drive App must be printed and kept in the cab at all times
  • Optional: Provide Driver's Guide to HOS and Android/iOS Troubleshooting Guide to the Driver
  • Admin Support