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Collision Reconstruction Add-In FAQ

What is Collision Data?

When a vehicle collision occurs, the accelerometer within the Geotab GO telematics device will detect an accident-level event and record second-by-second data of the accident at 100 Hz frequency.

How is the point of impact determined?

Point of impact is calculated based on the accelerometer data at the moment of impact. The collision point is based on acceleration magnitude and angle and may vary if installation of the device is moved outside of the driver side of the vehicle. The impact location is also rounded to the nearest degree of freedom.

The add-in shows “No accident was detected during this time period.” Why?

In some cases accidents may not be automatically detected by the add-in. These can include minor collisions, device losing power, device not securely installed etc. If the add-in is unable to detect an accident please contact Geotab support for manual extraction.

What constitutes an accident?

Geotab devices use an acceleration threshold of 2.5 G (24.5 m/s^2) as an accident event.

What happens if the selected vehicle has multiple collisions?

Currently the add-in only analyzes the latest accident. Multi-impact collusion support will be added in with future updates. To analyze multiple impacts/collisions, narrow down the selected time period.

What are the error margins of recorded data?

  • GPS coordinates are accurate to 2.5 Meters
  • Speed is accurate to 1.872 km/h
  • Point of impact is an estimate based on calculated angle from accelerometer axis and may vary

How do I report a bug with the add-in?

As the add-in is in beta we are constantly working on fixing any bugs or inconsistencies. Please contact Geotab support for any questions or issues.


The report is for illustrative purposes only. The report has been assembled automatically using data reported by a GO device by software in BETA release. There are many ways in which automatically generated reports can be in error. Some directly measured quantities in the report, such as acceleration, speed, and GPS location, are subject to their usual uncertainties and measurement errors. Derived quantities, such as point of impact, are also subject to potential calculation errors. The vehicle image displayed in the document is a generic image of the vehicle type, it does not serve to portray an accurate image of the exact vehicle or any additions/modifications done to the vehicle such as trailers, this image can also be edited by the user generating the report. The software is still in development and performance characteristics remain uncertain. Accordingly, the report may serve as a starting point for your investigation of an incident, but no conclusions should be drawn from it without a trained, Geotab expert to interpret it.