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Oct 18, 2022

Cold Chain and Tachograph Add-in Module Installation

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This document describes how to install the Tachograph and/or Cold Chain Add-in modules, as well as how to verify the installation of the module(s).

Installing the modules

  1. Navigate to the activation form at
  2. Enter the following information and then click Log in:
    • Database: The database name in the Fleet Management Application (for example, “my_fleet”).
    • Email address: The user’s email address. The user must be an administrator in the database specified above.
    • Password: The user’s database password.
    • * NOTE: The user credentials used to activate the Add-in are not stored. This account is only used to configure the database and create a service account with the minimum required privileges to connect the Add-in modules with the database.

  1. Once you have entered the database name and credentials, additional options appear:
    • Country: The country where the fleet operates. This automatically configures the default language and the tachograph file format: TGS (Spain), V1B (France), or DDD (other countries).
    • Using the checkboxes, select which Module(s) to install: Tachograph and/or Cold chain.

  1. Click Install to finish the module installation process.
    • If the process completes successfully, the following message appears:
    • If the process does not complete successfully, an error message appears. Please contact Support for assistance:

* NOTE: The system will activate modules following the rate plan. If you want to deactivate any modules, please contact Support for assistance.

Verifying module installation

To verify that the module(s) were installed correctly, navigate to the Fleet Management application’s sidebar and look for new Tachograph and/or Cold Chain icons.