Installation Guide

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March 2023

This document contains links to the full IOX-KEYLESS installation documentation suite, including:

  1. GO9 with T-harness
  3. Video How to perform an Advanced IOX-KEYLESS Installation (Starter Inhibit example)
  4. NFC reader (optional)
  5. Relay harness (optional),(starter inhibitor example)

GO9 with T-harness

Navigate to the Installation documentation page and refer to the two outlined documents: GO9 installation guide and HRN-GS16K2 universal harness kit insert.


Access the Geotab IOX-KEYLESS installation document at this link: IOX-KEYLESS [PUB]

Video: How to perform an Advanced IOX-KEYLESS Installation

Access a video of the IOX-KEYLESS, NFCReader and Relay Harness (Starter Inhibit example) installation process at this link: How to perform an Advanced IOX-KEYLESS Installation

NFC Reader

Access the Geotab IOX-NFCREADERA installation document at this link: IOX-NFCREADERA [PUB]

Access a video of the installation process at this link: How to Install Geotab IOX NFC Reader

Relay Harness

Starter Inhibit example ! IMPORTANT: Geotab does not provide guidance for Hybrid, Electric vehicles.

! IMPORTANT: This HRN-CX10S4 harness will only work with IOX-KEYLESS H/W: B1 or later, as shown in the sample label below (available October 2021). It will not work with earlier versions of IOX-KEYLESS. If your device label does not indicate B1, please contact Geotab Support for further instructions.

Access the Geotab Keyless Start Inhibit installation document at this link: Geotab Keyless Starter Inhibit Overview and Installation for the HRN-CX10S4 Harness. NOTE: If IOX-KEYLESS is already installed the version number (and which Start Inhibit harness will work with it) can be determined via MyDecoder, by the IOX- codes as follows:

Keyless v2 - 0x15 = 21 (= HRN-CX09Y5)

Keyless V3 - 0x1D = 29 (i.e. B1 HW = HRN-CX10S4)

NFC Reader Placement

! IMPORTANT: The above guides show the NFC reader as a dash mount with a holder. However, for an IOX-KEYLESS installation, you must mount the NFC reader at the bottom corner of the windshield on the driver side, so the LED faces the windshield. Identify a location to bond NFC Reader to glass. The location must:

  1. Be relatively flat.
  2. Not obstruct the view.
  3. Not obstruct the airbag.
  4. Not obstruct any vehicle identification, such as registration or emissions labels.

Installation Best Practices


Clean the windshield area using an alcohol-based wipe. Clean the front of the IOX-NFCREADERA using an alcohol wipe and allow it to dry completely.


Route the NFC Reader in a way that:

  1. Minimizes cable exposure.
  2. Does not create additional stress or pressure on the device's bond to glass.
  3. Does not obstruct the airbag.


Apply the referenced double-sided tape.

    1. Apply the adhesive in a way that maximizes surface area.
    2. Do not cover LED.
    3. Do not cover/apply to the cable relief hump.

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    Prior to bonding NFC Reader to glass, ensure the following:

    1. Glass is properly cleaned as instructed in step 1.
    2. Glass temperature is within 60° to 100°F (15° to 38°C).
    3. Glass is dry and free of moisture.
    4. NOTE: Use vehicle’s HVAC as needed to meet temperature specification or to help remove moisture.

    5. Peel backing from Dual Lock and firmly press in place for a minimum of 30 seconds.

  • ! IMPORTANT: The double-sided adhesive tape is currently not included with the IOX-NFCREADERA shipping kit. If you do not receive the adhesive tape as a separate package with the main order, ask your Partner to order SKU SPR-ADHNFCFM (3M Dual Lock SJ3561 [Type 400] Adhesive).

    ✱ NOTE: An acceptable alternate source is 3M Dual Lock SJ3551 (Type 400).

    If you opt to order your own, and the Dual Lock versions have long lead times, the third alternative is 3M VHB tape 5962, which is exceptional for most climates.

    ✱ NOTE: The VHB 5962 tape requires three layers to clear the strain relief hump.

    Due to the transportation of dangerous goods act, the installer must supply the alcohol (70%) swipes.

    1. USA: Alcohol wipes, PN - 54845T29.
    2. Canada: PN - Stevens Medium Size | 2-Ply Cotton 70% Isopropyl Individually Wrapped.
    3. Europe: PN - TBD.

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