Implementation Guide

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Drive App Compliance & Implementation Checklist

This checklist is a reference only and is not to replace the Compliance Guide, please refer to the Compliance & Implementation Guide for each section for instructions.

Hardware Setup

  1. Obtain a mobile device running Android (4.4 or above) or Apple (6.0 or above)
  2. Install Geotab Drive on the mobile device and ensure the appropriate settings are enabled as listed in the Android & iOS setup
  3. Enable Automatic date & time on mobile device
  4. Ensure there’s a method to charge the mobile device in the cab (ie. IOX-USB or other means)
  5. Optional: Install MDM (Mobile Device Management) software, or remote access software (e.g. Teamviewer, Soti, Airwatch, etc.)

Company Setup

  1. System Settings: Fill out Company information for compliance
  2. Set the Maximum personal conveyance distance as desired

Vehicle Setup

  1. Add the vehicle to the database
  2. Go on a few trips so that the ELD Device is able to pick up engine data like ODO
  3. Populate the ODO field with wants displayed on the vehicle dash
  4. Fill out license plate, state/ province for compliance

User/Driver Setup

For each driver, do the following:

  1. User Tab: Set user email, name, clearance, and groups as necessary
  2. Driver Tab: Set the user as a driver and fill out the Driver’s License information
  3. UI Settings: Set timezone to the same as the home terminal
  4. Map Settings: Select the default map type, view, and zone display
  5. HOS Settings: Select the ruleset, fill out Home Terminal, Carrier Number and Authority information for compliance

Note: Do not use any User Timeout options for HOS Users

Driver Deployment

  1. Demonstrate how to use Geotab Drive to the drivers
  2. Review videos for Hours of Service Overview and Driver Vehicle Inspection Report
  3. Have the drivers take the Quiz
  • Mandatory: The Driver’s Guide to Data Transfer at Roadside Inspection, Data Diagnostic & Malfunctions Guide & Driver's Guide to the Drive App must be printed and kept in the cab at all times
  • Optional: Provide Driver's Guide to HOS and Android/iOS Troubleshooting Guide to the Driver
  • Admin Support

    1. Demonstrate how to use MyGeotab for HOS Administration
    2. Review the Administrator's Guide to the Drive App
    3. Train Administrators on day-to-day activities for HOS
    4. Review the Administrator's Guide to Hours of Service (HOS)